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Meatrubs's Perma gag appeal

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Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:183596754


Banned by:TheSadBandit 


Ban reason:Mutiple time's gagged before finally perma-gagged (to date was at-least a couple of months ago)


Why you should be unbanned: I only made this appeal to show that I will now, follow all Voice chat rules in the TTT Garry's mod server that I have been playing for these past few days and wanting as others to get a 2nd chance. The way I abused voice chat in the past will not follow on again as this annoying thing for me to get RDMED is starting to catch the nerves of myself EX: (I get shot in the back and doing so I was able to kill the person that did it, but no time to react as the other person cuts around the corner just to see me kill him before I can call out what happened and this causes that person to RDM me) for this example, I show one of the many other reasons today that I explain with you, that finally I want to show I can get Un-perma-gagged and that would be all I ask from you TheSadBandit.



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ehhh. I dont really believe you as you tend to "not give a fuck" - (your words)...


I dont see the harm in un-gagging you, as if you do it again, it definitely can just stay permanent 

Not my decision though :")

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I'm not entirely sure if you can see this MeatRub (but I know all admins can). You've appealed perm-gags before, and as Classy had said (though he's not admin anymore), if he were to permgag you again it would stay. Your gag is staying, you can enjoy the server without the use of voice chat, you're one of the few that I remember always having to gag after a permagag appeal. 


Though you say "you will behave" if I pull up your sourcebans communication bans (yeah, it's a thing ;) ), https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=commslist&searchText=meatrub&Submit=Search


You've also been perma gagged on breach fairly recently (last week?). So no, you will not be ungagged.


Appeal denied.

Former Gmod Prop Hunt Admin

Former Media Team Team Leader

Former Media Team GFX Member

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