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SCP-1158 "Arboreal Jellyfish Puppeteers"

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SCP-1158's Wiki: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1158


SCP-1158 is an airborne, carnivorous arboreal predator superficially resembling a very large olive-drab Portuguese man-o-war (Physalia physalis), particularly in it's colonial polyp attributes. Researchers on deceased specimens has shown that SCP-1158 large four meter pneumatophore is filled with hydrogen, providing lift. Prey appears limited, so far, to mammals and lizards with a mass of approximately 50kg or greater. Once a victim makes contact with dactlylozooid polyps, nematocysts in the polyp strands inject a paralyzing neurotoxin while polyp threads wrap around the victim's extremities.





Team: SCP Team

Health: 800

Attack Damage: 40

Attack Speed: 1 Second

Speed: Slightly faster than human sprinting speed



LMB: Paralyzing Sting (Attack)(Stuns victim for 1 second)

RMB: Wrap (Stuns the victim and SCP-1158 for 4 seconds and does 10 damage and bleeding to the victim but not SCP-1158)(Cooldown for 15 seconds)

Reload: Lift (Can choose when to fly by pressing the Reload button and you must wait 3 seconds before choosing when to ascend or descend again.)

Cannot attack SCP-999 since SCP-999 is not part of 1158's prey.

Cannot take Fall Damage


SCP-1158's speed and air mobility can let it move swiftly through the facility and stealthy in the air. With Wrap, it can stun the victim and itself for 4 seconds, leaving them both vulnerable for anyone to attack them. It's low health is a way to balance this SCP since it can fly, stun, and even is faster than humans. This SCP can be a good distraction to other players who are trying to escape or kill any enemies.


The player model can be an octopus. If 2845 can have a moose player model even though it's a deer then so can 1158.

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=734532188&searchtext=Octopus (Might need to be retextured to fit how it's described in the wiki.)


Edited: Also I forgot to add that SCP-1158 is contained at Site 19.

Edited by Maximino007

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