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SCP-2311 "Baby Wizard"

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SCP-2311's Wiki: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2311


SCP-2311 is a nine-year-old human male with Klinefelter syndrome, Kaspar Hauser syndrome, and a ventricular septal defect. SCP-2311’s stunted language skills and distinctive toddling gait are believed to be a result of severe social and emotional deprivation from an early age. SCP-2311 also exhibits heliophobia and aquaphobia, likely as a result of childhood trauma. SCP-2311 has the ability to alter matter with little regard for physical laws, causality or logic. The potential magnitude of this capability is unknown. 


To date, SCP-2311 has been observed to: 


-Manifest and attempt to consume approximately 20 kilograms of La Perruche brand individually-wrapped sugar cubes.


-Inflict fatal physical harm on Foundation personnel by anomalous means. Injuries bear a cosmetic resemblance to necrosis spreading at a medically impossible rate.


-Translocate instantaneously with no regard for physical barriers such as the interior walls of Sat-Site 14. To date, SCP-2311 has not displayed any ability or willingness to teleport outside the confines of Sat-Site 14.


-Manifest heat and flames measured at 600°C. Flames created by SCP-2311 have never been observed to consume fuel or otherwise affect the objects around them. Despite palpable heat, they inflict no damage on human tissue.


-In one recorded incident, SCP-2311 emitted a stream of liquid at an estimated pressure of 800 kPa and temperature of -200°C. The liquid poured from SCP-2311’s nasal, oral and anal orifices for fifteen minutes, causing SCP-2311 apparent distress. Unlike the anomalous flames and heat generated by SCP-2311, the extreme cold of this liquid did affect human tissue as expected, inflicting nerve damage after 5 minutes of continuous exposure.





Team: SCP

Health: 800-1000

Attack Damage: 10

Attack Speed: Rapid

Movement Speed: Human Sprinting Speed



LMB: Attack (Attack's range can reach from 2 rooms away)

RMB: Multiple specials:


-Teleport (Teleports to where your aiming on the floor | Can reach from 2 rooms away.) (20 second cooldown)


- Fire (Creates fire, you can also aim where to make the fire by aiming somewhere. The fire doesn't do any damage but it has that annoying visual effect when you get close to fire | Can reach from 1 room away.) (10 second cooldown) (The fire will extinguish after 10 seconds then the cooldown will begin.)


-Freezing Liquid (Shoots a cold liquid in front of SCP-2311. The cold liquid does 5 damage rapidly and slows down enemy.) (The liquid will stop shooting after 5 seconds.) (15 second cooldown)


Reload: Swaps specials. Example: SCP-2311 has teleport as it's special, if you press reload then it changes into Fire. You cannot swap specials if one of the specials are still active and the cooldown.)

Weakness: If an enemy points their flashlight at you, you will be stunned for 2 seconds.


(God I feel like this is overpowered)


Playermodel: C H A R L I E     B R O W N


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25 minutes ago, Maximino007 said:

LMB: Attack (Attack's range can reach from 2 rooms away)

What do you mean by this? because many of the rooms are different.


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