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Duc's 4th Minecraft Build Showcase

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The Industrial Revolution Factory


On to Age 3: The industrial age!

I made this factory to house all the cool equipment that I will be making this age.


Here's the inside-currently bare.


Note I put bars on the windows so the workers couldn't jump out because they hate their lives. Also, this roof is made out of hempcrete-a combination of hemp and concrete-no wonder the building is smoking.


Here is my base in Sevtech so far. The giant castle takes up so much room, but I literally used only 1 of the rooms on the bottom floor of the largest tower, nothing else. Still looks cool. The lower right is Astral Sorcery stuff-pretty cool mod, I prepared some stuff in it that will be more useful come Age 5.

That's all for now. Can't wait to build the final part of my base, the Age 4/5 Base (those two ages are pretty similar). For now, I'll get to work on Age 3.

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Did you ever consider making the walls out of TNT blocks?  But in all seriousness, great work.

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