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MTF Alpha-9 "Last Hope"

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So I was looking at the SCP wiki and I saw MTF Omega-7 ("Pandora's Box"). So I decided to read it's mission and apparently the MTF Omega-7 is disbanded and then I read MTF Alpha-9 ("Last Hope")'s mission and it says "The Reborn of Omega-7. A Mobile Task Force explicitly intended to train and utilize humanoid SCP objects in the field." So this is basically Omega-7 with a different name but i decided to get creative (sadly).

What if they trained and utilized SCP-014 and SCP-2006 (also SCP-076-2 too.)

Also the Alpha-9 spawn the same as normal NTF and 1 of the SCPs (SCP-076-2, SCP-014 and SCP-2006) spawn in.





Team: MTF Guards

Health: 250

Movement Speed: Slightly slower then human sprinting speed but not too slow

Spawning Items: Level 4, SMG gun, Crowbar



Every 5 seconds SCP-014 regens by 10

SCP-014 can pick up items



SCP-014 is slower but it has more health and health regen.






Team: MTF Guards

Health: 300

Attack Damage: 30

Attack Speed: Half a second

Movement Speed: Slightly Slower then Human Sprinting Speed

Spawn: With the Alpha-9



LMB: Attack

RMB: Sprint (Similar to 682 and 457's ability) (20 second Cooldown)

Reload: Disguise as a random SCP (Tells you in the chat of what you disguised into) (25 second cooldown)

Special: Resistant to Bullet Damage



SCP-2006 will work as an 939 for the MTF Team but with noticeable differences.

SCP-2006 can trick the SCP team into thinking that SCP-2006 is one of their allies with it's disguise.

It's disguise is removed once it get's damaged.

SCP-2006's bullet resistance is so it can attempt to get close to any enemies such as armed Class-D or Chaos Insurgents.

SCP-2006 could attempt to lead the SCPs into a group of MTF to shoot them or it could surprise attack them.




             SCP-076-2 (Changes)

Just buff the health so it can not die as quick to SCPs.

I'm thinking 500?





Alpha-9: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=939009415&searchtext=Alpha

SCP-014: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1637253387&searchtext=Tuxedo

SCP-2006: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1150616390&searchtext=Gorilla


Mickey Mouse: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=421097213&searchtext=Mickey+Mouse


(Or you could not implement all of this but please change the Omega-7's name to Alpha-9 so it fits lore.)(I still want lore in this christian game where no one does or says bad things.)

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Omega-7 does infact fit lore. Alpha-9 is the reborn/'new' version of Omega-7, which was shut down. The point of omega-9 was to make use of scps that were already friendly and willing to help the foundation without needing to be forced into it by some way. Putting 076-2 into Alpha-9 would completely break the whole point of Alpha-9.


Omega-7, despite no longer being 'ACTIVE' in most of the site's lore/canons(remember, there is mutiple) in its current state fits it to a T. Able(076-2) and several 'normal' foundation soldiers. While I do want a 076-2 buff(both in general and for the omega-7 one), i dont want omega-7 removed.


Also, i am rather confused that you would suggest Alpha-9 while leaving out the biggest character inregards to it. While there was some other scps onboard with omega-7 (the main ones i recall being scp-105 for recon and Cain for debriefings), the main 'character/scp' of it was 076-2. Similarity, the main 'character' of Alpha-9 Is infact an older SCP-105. From what i recall shes actually the commander/leader of the entire MTF group as a whole(and trained to be a sniper to boot).

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15 hours ago, Maximino007 said:

Every 5 seconds SCP-014 regens by 10

Does that mean he can get more health then he starts with?

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