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Avengers End Game

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Okay, I can’t be the only one who is super hyped for this movie.  I listen to theories all day at work, I am pumped.  Let me here your guys predictions.  (People who are going to die, how it could end, what’s going to happen, etc) 


I’ll start.  As far as I know it’s the end of the road for Captain America, my guess is they will go back in time and he will stay with Peggy to get his dance.  Iron man is probably going to die, somehow some way, not really sure.  Time travel is going to play a key factor in this movie.  And also, Hawkeye is coming back as Ronan, so that’s dope!  




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Yea, I don't really know honestly. The Infinity War movie was good, but not great. So not a lot of hype from me. And for the predictions, well, I already read some of the comics, so I have a pretty good idea what's going to happen.

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