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Racism: America's Growing Rate of Discrimination

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Hey how's it going guys vtPrimaL Here! And today I want to talk to you guys about racism. Since this is a growing topic I will be covering it with you guys today.  For the past year I have seen the increase of discrimination in the news, ranging from black unarmed shootings to Donald Trump trying to get rid of Mexicans and Muslims. It got to the point this morning when I read in the news of a shooting that occurred in July 28, the victim was a 18-yr old man by the name of Paul O' NeaL. He was shot in the back and was later killed for a report of a stolen vehicle. What clearly shocked me is that the cops had plenty of other options to stop him, such as: Pit Maneuvering, pinning him with more cop cars, and etc. Yet they did none of that and just shot at sight. Now don't think I'm being biased here I am also white,yet I don't accept this behavior or tactics that trained cops use. Like have the their police station or department not teached them how to handle black people after the countless mistakes many officers have made this past year! Now it doesn't mean either I side with the victims. Sure if they are unarmed there is no need to whip out a weapon or shoot them. I'm talking also of how society has taken this matter. Whenever a cop tackles a black person for who knows, people overreact when the cop is white. If the cop would be black, the video will not have been uploaded?! You see... its so hard to decide who is right. Maybe I should just step out. But I want to hear from you guys! Have a look at the article that features Paul O' Neal's case and see what you think, http://trib.in/2aVpb5C . Anyways make sure to leave your opinion about the whole situation till next time! (P.S Ill leave some DYK facts in the end.)


Did you know:


Police killed at least 102 unarmed black people in 2015, nearly twice each week.


37% of unarmed people killed by police were black in 2015 despite black people being only 13% of the U.S. population


 Your Dear Friend,

| PrimaL |



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16 minutes ago, vtPrimaL said:

37% of unarmed people killed by police were black in 2015 despite black people being only 13% of the U.S. population

African-American criminals also comprise a much higher percentage of their race group (27.8% of total arrests within 13% of population) than any other race group. Statistics are a harsh mistress.




Ah, but this isn't really any of my business. I'm not American.


I won't take a photo—I'll tell it through words.

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Posted  Edited by kenny

Black people kill black people everyday but the moment a cop does it doing there job they go crazy. 102 cops killed black people? 4,906 black people were killed by other black people in 2010 and 2011. I don't know how many were killed last year but most likely more though with the population changing.

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I think the BLM anti national propaganda was already disputed in one of the topics, most of their stories are twisted.


Blacks commit far more crime, more likely to kill each other and are in "ghettos" filled with crime, so I have no doubt about cops being more trigger happy when they are there.


White victims of what should be called POWER abuse are almost barely given time on the media, because Whitelives=Trash for them and would cause less chaos compared to the insane amount of coverage of other 'victims' and victims.

A lot of stories are also of stray bullets and actual criminals that got shot but just didn't have a gun on them, so they go to the category of the "unarmed" as if that makes them any how better.





And to address the tired some points of Trump being falsely labelled by the corny racist label.

1.Trump NEVER has said that he wants Mexicans out, he wants the Illegal ones out, they are not in anyway better than the legal ones that wait for a permit to enter USA, and are criminals.

2.Trump has never said he wants all Muslims out either, but close or heavily restrict Islamic immigration from certain areas. 



"Truth is the best Defense."


I would post another picture that I saw fitting, but eh.







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I believe this is a 2 way street. Go into any neighborhood with the same demographic of people who are different than you or what you represent and see what they think of you. For me, it's exactly like when I opened the door and everyone looks at me on my 1st day at school or actually more like if you go to church late.


On a related note:


BLM is a joke and needs to clean up its act or be replaced with something better than hypocrisy. There are good points (there is true established racism ongoing in say the work place, I've seen that), it's just stained with glorifying thugs and causing misery to people unrelated to their cause. Example: Some people need to go to the hospital in the TMC (texas medical center) via TX-288 in Houston. Can't cause "some mud for mosquito brains are blocking the flow of traffic there with their trayvon casket ritual." Its stupid stuff like that that doesn't help anyone's cause. Its even more hilarious when it's a real emergency, you attempt to gun it, they think you're there to kill them or ruin their cause and they throw stuff at you. This really did happen btw. Just google it.


Illegals and even legal migrants is a very grey area. No black and white lines here. Depends on their situation. If they cause trouble or have a questionable history. YES DEPORT THEM. If not give them a chance. More so if their journey was very fun. Escaping some sort of wrongful persecution going thru a desert region (Cali to Texas) or a strait of deceptive liquid poison with a very strong current (Florida) or going thru miles of land and sea combined (Middle East) is very fun. Especially when you don't have resources like clean water and food and shelter from the elements. Everyone should definitely try it sometime. (not really) It may be a once in your lifetime experience for you.:lenny: 

We all start out as idealists only to slowly but surely become realists one day, the likes of which we'd never imagine we would become. Meanwhile we stare back at new idealists and see a reflection of what we once were.


Facing reality to get through life.


:cockatiel: I drink birds alive and whole while petting them :cockatiel:




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