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Banned for trolling somehow

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Posted  Edited by Coastline - Edit Reason: wrong name

Name: Coastline

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:91384406


Ban Reason: "trolling"


Banned By: (not sure)


Ban Time: perma


Why should you be unbanned?


was banned for "knowing evidence" and not being able to present it. The admin expected me to screenshot what the trap guy screenshared as if I should've been ready to screenshot or rec it.

Edited by Coastline
wrong name

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You were banned for trolling. You were constantly bringing up the situation that was being dealt with, even after being told to stop talking about it. If you had provided the evidence then you would have proven that you weren't trolling. In that case you would have still been punished for continuously mic spamming.


Your ban is being reduced to 1 day because we eventually got the evidence to prove that you weren't just trolling, but not fully removed because you are still in the wrong for how you acted on the server.

/'/'( ;:; )'\'\


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