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Need to report a player being a dingus

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I have been playing TTT all day, and someone named robot10 has been messing with the AFKs at the beginning of the round. He has been hitting them with his pickaxe every single round, so I kill him, because he is messing eith afk's, and that's not allowed until overtime. He has been filing false reports against me, and baiting me every single round. This is stupid and he needs to stop. He is getting off on me being salty while being salty himself. Please do something about him before I lose my mind. Thank you.

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To make player reports:


Name of player(s):

SteamID of player(s):

Your SteamID:

What did the player(s) do?:


Send it privately to any TTT gmod admins.

Its your job to watch your own karma, just saying. You should have known the consequences of killing rule breakers. Just let the rdmer do their thang and you do your own by reporting. It'll make the admins lives much easier if you could as well help out.


How to get Proof?

Press F8 at the end of the round or during preround to look at logs. To get all sort of details, click edit filters in the logs system, make sure all are checked. Make sure to check damage info for more on what actually happened. Right click the log, click damage info. If not much shows, right click on "kill" logs then click view death scene. F5 or F7 should be screenshot button. The files are located in (Windows)

Windows (C)>Programs Files (86)>Steam>Steamapps>common>garrysmod>garrysmod { this is where demos are }

Windows (C)>Programs Files (86)>Steam>Steamapps>common>garrysmod>garrysmod>screenshot { This is where screenshots are }

I have no idea where it is for Mac. 

Once you got the files, drag only image files into the PM. Demos must be uploaded through any sites like a drive upload


credits to @Clavers

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