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CW:RP GameMaster rules.

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1. Game-Masters are not to use admin power to do admin work. If you're a game-master and you're the only one on and you see someone breaking the rules, you may use it. (does not apply for anyone that's staff)

2. You have to be serious.

3. If you are caught using ANY admin powers/doing admin work without any necessary, you will be demoted.

4. Don't use it to show off or use it because you have it. You will be demoted.

5. Don't abuse, you will also be demoted.

6. Don't host any stupid or any ridiculous events or sims.

7.  When nocliping, cloak. We don't want to see a flying player randomly because that will cause distractions to everyone.

8. If I tell you something to do, I expect you to do it. If you don't listen to me, we're gonna have problems. 

9. You must know the Clone wars Lore.

10. You have to be active and be on for most the events.

11. You can only be an Admiral when hosting YOUR events.



More will be added through out the time.






Game-Master ban guide line:


 For Game-Master that aren't staff. If there is a staff member on, let them deal with the problem (Ex; RDM, prop spammers, Failrp, ect, ect). But if there isn't a staff on with you but you're a Game-Master, you may use it.  


Single RDM's 

1st RDM = Warn 

2nd RDM = Kick 

3rd RDM = Ban (30mins)


Mass RDM

1st Mass RDM = (30mins)


Failrp  1st time = Warn 

2nd time = Kick

3rd time = ban (30 mins)  


Prop spawners 

1st time = Warn 

2nd time = 2nd warn 

3rd time = Kick 

4th time = 2nd kick 

5th time = ban (30mins)  


Prop Spammer  1st time = Ban (30mins)


You are only allow to ban for 30mins, that gives enough time for an admin to get on and fix the problem.




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