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(Final) SCP-079's Great Return!

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So SCP-079 is coming soon and this is the final SCP-079 suggestion I will do.

I'm glad that SCP-079 is coming back to breach because I liked playing as 079 and I was sad when SCP-079 was removed.


     SCP-079 New Abilities

1: Computer Transfer

Cooldown: Infinite

Available Time: 2:00

Activation Key: 9

Camera: All

This is a secondary escape option that

SCP-079 has. SCP-079 cannot use

this ability until it's 2:00.

When used, SCP-079 has to wait

for a minute and after that minute passes,

SCP-079 will be transferred to another

computer and it escapes.


2: Spawn Any SCP

Cooldown: Infinite

Available Time: 6:00

Camera: LCZ Basement

Replaces: SCP-939 Spawn

Activation Key: 1

Using this spawns in any SCP by selection.

An SCP spawned in by SCP-079 will have

less health than normal for balancing it.

It can only be used once.


3: Gate B Elevator Close

Cooldown: 90

Activation Key: 1

Camera: Gate B

Now that NTF Waves can now spawn

near either Gate A and Gate B, SCP-079

could only use the Gate A elevator before.

If SCP-079 could use the Gate B elevator

as well, it would let SCP-079 try to

crush people with the elevator at

Gate B too.


4: Intercom

Cooldown: Infinite

Camera: EZ Cafeteria

SCP-079 can use the

intercom for shits and giggles.

SCP-079 can only use it once.


5: Self Destruct

When SCP-079 dies,

it will explode dealing

high damage to anyone near it.

This can be an attempt to take the attacker

down with it.

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