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plague special round

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XY please make scp 008 round on this round i have 2 options 1 only MTFS spawn to eliminate all infecteds 2 it be normal d class guards MTFs researchers  but only scp 008 spawn oh and will be a little more of scp 500 on this round

scp 008 is a virus scp and in the round scp 008-1 spawn in scp 008 CC  he work similar to 049-2 but he able to infect  if he hit player he become infected but he not turn into zombie he first get some symptoms before  the infection turn you into 008-2 it take a 1 minute and sec 10 you can cure it with scp 500 but in not sure if it can cure 008 zombies  now the symptoms it send a red messages after 15 seconds you start feels a fever after 30 seconds you feels a nausea and headache and the fever getting worse after 45 seconds you begin to feels weakness and dementia  after 65 seconds You feels like you're going to pass out    but if you got killed byscp 008-1 or 008-2 kills you are automatic turn into scp 008-2  the name for the round will be quarantine or the quarantine


scp 008-1  scps 008-1  are the first infecteds

normal human speed 

Weapon same as scp 049-2 but it can infect  and he make less damage left attack 25hp right attack 70hp

HP 1000-850

spawn area scp 008 CC



you are 1 of the first infecteds infect all humans

Spread the disease in every possible way


scp 008-2 scp 008-2 is a new infected  he got infected from 008-1 or 008-2

normal human speed

Weapon same as scp 049-2 but it can infect and he make less damage left attack 25hp right attack 70hp

HP 700-450

he just got turn into 008-2 



infect all humans 

Spread the disease in every possible way


the model of scp 008-1 008-2 can be like scp 049-2 or 610 model or XY  will find a good model idk

scp 008 wiki  http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-008 

I hope you Enjoyed to read that




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It was removed because it was buggy, I believe 

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