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SCP-027 spawns in the room before the SCP-178 room, in light containment.


SCP-027 can not pick up items


SCP-0.27 is always surrounded by 3-5 head crabs (in constant running animation).


Every 10 seconds or so, SCP-027 is able to throw a head crab in the direction he is facing.


Thrown head crabs will disappear or ragdoll IF it impacts onto a hitbox (including players. scps, items, ammo, etc)


If the head crab lands on the ground it will stay there and harm players walking over it for passive damage until after 20 seconds or the next head crab is thrown.


SCP-027 is also affected by walking over a thrown head crab.


*SCP-027 can speak in voice chat to any class (possibly)*.


On death of SCP-027, 3-5 aggressive head crabs will be released with 50-75 health each, and dealing 20 damage per hit.


Passive Head crab Damage: 25 per second

Thrown Head crab Damage: 50-75

Aggressive Head crab Damage: 20

Health: 1100


just a suggestion, because those pesky MTF shooting and closing the door whenever an SCP gets near them. Of course this is the main reason for this SCP but it's still one of them.


Edited by StarStorm101
Looked like the horn of

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