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Special Round: The Stone Men

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Posted  Edited by Mari

More SCP-173s Again Like In Weeping Angels Eh?




There Are 4 SCP-173s, 5  Max depending on server length.




Everyone Is A MTF and A Researcher Besides The 173s.




A Quarter Of The Server Is Researchers




The Rest Are The MTF And The SCP-173s




Everytime A SCP-173 Gets A Kill, The Person They Killed BECOMES a 173.




The Original SCP-173s Get Full Health, While The People Who Get Killed And Get Turned Into SCP-173s Get Half Health As A Normal SCP-173



The Researchers Are Meant To Escape, While The MTF Kill The 173s And Help The Researchers.




SCPs Win If All Humans Die, Or They Escape




Foundation Wins If Researchers Escape Or 173s Get Killed


(its me indo)

Edited by Mari

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