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GS09 Major Networking Issue

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IMPORTANT - The major networking issue from our physical servers to the Dallas PoP has now been fixed. Please read more about this here.


Our GS09 machine is currently facing a major networking issue with the hosting provider. The first hop is constantly spiking to 400+ms ping which I believe to be one of Nexril's routers. The GS08 machine is operating without any networking issues, but I believe they're being routed through a different Nexril router.


The following are servers this issue is affecting:


  • FoF Shootout.
  • TF2 2Fort.
  • CS:GO Surf Timer Beginner 85-tick.
  • GMod TTT Rotation.


We have an open ticket with Nexril and have requested urgency regarding this case.


I do apologize for the inconvenience and once I receive an update, I will let everyone know.


Thank you.

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rip 2fort 




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This issue appears to have been resolved. We hit our bandwidth cap which made it so the port only pushed through 10 mbps max. An additional 10 TBs of bandwidth were added to the machines.



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