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SCP-939-B + SCP-939-C

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SCP-939-B + SCP-939-C.




+ Both Can Use Human Voices And Appear On Researcher On Tab.




Both Dont Turn Into Researchers (other ability)




Health As Same As 939.




SCP-939-B Attack Damage:  30



SCP-939-B Ability: Faster Sprint (also can normally sprint)





SCP-939-C Ability: Can Smell And Track Down Humans For 20 Seconds Ability  Time 40 Seconds (able to see nearby humans for 20 seconds)


SCP-939-C PM: Unity SCP-939






SCP-939-C damage: 45



SCP-939-B PM: Old 939 PM (SCP CB 939)




Only 1 939 can spawn per round


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