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TTT Minecraft Rotation

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Steam ID (or steam profile link):STEAM_0:0:64668830


Banned by: Console


Ban Reason: Karma too Low


Why should you be unbanned:
I am unbanned in a day, but would like to be returned before that if possible. Had some bad luck and some faults that were of my own. I did call out a bad KOS  twice which I did get reported for, saw him with sniper after man was killed behind me. And another on a player who killed an Inno (turns out the inno shot him) And then we had a bunch of random encounters with a lot of mass gun shooting due to bunched up in a ship. Dont believe I was reported but also affected my Karma.

Also, A lot of us were messing around on the ship, Causing use to damage each other during captain speeches...etc. I don't know if Karma is awarded just for partial damage or not.

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Posted  Edited by JadedJade

From the situation you described, it sounds like you Killed on sus, Which isn't allowed here, Even in overtime, Take your time to read, and Reread the rules everytime you join, Until you feel like you're comfortable to go on without Reminders.


However, since this is your First, and Only karma ban, I see no reason to make you wait this one out, Atleast this time, Please be more careful in the future, And pay attention to your Karma, if it's low you can Enable Spectate only mode through the F1 menu, and wait a few rounds for your karma to come back.


Though, getting someone that can actually undo Console bans might take just a bit of time.





Have a Nice Day!


Sincerely, Senior Admin Davoony!

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