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not phoon

not phoon's Mute/Ban Appeal for Prop Hunt

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Your In-Game Name: not phoon

Your SteamID: 76561198188655131

Reason for punishment: switching teams

Admin: no admin name given

Why the punishment should be revoked:

okay so i don't know why i got banned genuinely 

during a map change i when i loaded into the server i went to go get some snacks since this is the weekend i was planning on only playing games cause school was tomorrow

when i got back i was banned for switching teams i was already warned of this before and knew that it would result in a ban but i was afk so i don't know why i was banned out of the blue

but i do have a theory when i joined the server i joined the props team since i was afk saying goodbye to my parents cause they were going out of town so when i was gone the message saying i joined the game was gone from the chat

so when it said not phoon joined team props 

a admin must have thought that i switched teams and decided to ban me 

so long story short i joined went afk joined a team went afk to get snacks and a admin thought i was already playing and banned me 

and i hope i can play on the server again 


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You were banned off of Prop Hunt, not Purge. Be sure to put your appeal in the correct section next time.


I'll be moving it to the correct subforum.


Since I can't find anyone by the name of Kettermelon on the forums, I'll tag the manager @TheThirdReaper.

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thanks you to @Aura



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You were constantly switching teams and I had gotten reports that you were still doing it. Your ban is only 6 hours. Therefore, your ban will not be lifted.

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