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These are some dope clips and I can tell you're pretty good at siege.


I have seen a lot of montages on Youtube and ones that get a lot of views and thumbs up are ones with some certain qualities.

One thing I have noticed is that in montages it is a good thing to line up the music with the clips. For instance if you are going to have an intense clip where you get a multi kill from one nade you should have an intense drop to go along with it. Essentially you should edit the clips so it's not just the full clip in it's entirety but so that it goes well with the song you are using.


Also, I noticed you didn't switch songs mid montage. Some people do this and I find it terrible and ruins the montage, good work on that aspect.


Another thing you could maybe start to implement is special effects. I know good programs for this can get pricey but if you really want to get a great looking montage you could always pirate these programs or maybe even buy them if you are willing to invest money.


Other than the things mentioned I think you did a great job! Hope this helped a little.

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