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Name: there i changed my name cuck 

(set it to that because pancake decided to warn me asking me to change my name instead of just asking me to change it)


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:504644142


Banned by: Pancake


Ban reason: Aimbot


Why you should be unbanned:

I was not aimbotting, & im sure the level 0 is sus but I see nothing that would lead anyone to believe i was aimbotting, i headshot 2-3 people and that means im aimbotting?

I'm not sure how i can prove to you people i wasn't, but if you know of a way just say.

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Posted  Edited by Zero

Hey buddy. First of all, I warned you to change your name because it should be common sense that you don't play TTT with an unreadable name. A warning isn't even a big deal, so I am not sure why you made a huge deal about it. Secondly you were in fact using an aimbot. Here is my proof for that: 



And lastly, you decided to come back with an alt account: (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198971136527) which I also banned for Ban Evasion.


So in conclusion, your appeal is being DENIED

Edited by Zero

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