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SCP-1431: Scavenger Hunt!

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Posted  Edited by chan_man1

A piece of paper was found in the site's mailbox reading this,


ScAveNGer HUNt!


  1. A Weird Skull - 500 pts
  2. Some Strange Metal - 750 pts
  3. Cool 3-D Glasses - 600 pts
  4. Expensive Green Ring - 1000 pts
  5. Stinky Gas Mask - 800 pts
  6. Bathtub Ducky - 950 pts
  7. A Cow's Bestfriend - 850 pts
  8. Secret Plant Stuff - 420 pts


At the start of the game you spawn in as researcher and are tasked with finding these scp objects which instead of being put in their respective places are put in random locations. 

Spawning locations for researchers should be same as hide and seek or even more spread out.

This should be a quick special round, since once all objects have been found and escaped with the round will end.

Objects will only give you points if you escape with them.

You should get a message when someone has picked up one of these objects.

May need to put more than one of the same objects when their are more people than objects.

Researchers should have access to all door just like in Hide and Seek.

Might want to use this round as an alternative to Hide and Seek.

Well let me know what you guys think of this or any tweaks you might have.

Edited by chan_man1

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