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Name: Chris
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:115206079
Age: 13
Play-time: 0.92 Hrs (According to GameTracker)

Why do you want to become an admin?: I've played the server for a while and i've seen theres some toxic people admins aren't always able to handle and i want to make the problem disappear and i always see people breaking rules and abusing the fact that theres no admins on at the moment. 
Why should we accept you?: My hours on the server is increasing i played for maybe a month and some days and also i've been a admin(paidmin) and i did a good job and i want to become admin again im really mature i'm able to handle situations well and i would not let my emotions effect my actions as a admin i can promise you i will try my hardest and do my best. Also im really young meaning i will have more time to play since i don't have to worry about college yet. Also i'm willing to be dedicated to this community
Extra information: Don't decline this application for my hours on the server and my age because im really mature and also my time is increasing since i have more time now on my hands also i have no admins that would reference me since i don't really socialize with them that much unless i'm reporting a problem which they always seem to handle :) So thanks current admins for that and thanks for taking time to read them. As well i wouldn't make this application if i took this job as a joke.




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Hello @Twilight,


Thank you for applying for our Counter-Strike Global offensive Jailbreak server. Unfortunately, on this occasion your application has been denied. The staff and I thank you for your interest in our server but we feel as though you do not meet the criteria to become a jailbreak administrator. There are many categories you must improve in before reapplying. Here are some suggestion you may due to improve your chances of being appected

  • Fill out player reports to help the community when admins are not present on the server
  • Help new players with the rules and how to play
  • Meet the whole staff and the servers regulars
  • Gain a reputation on the server and the forums
  • Stay active on the forums by contributing to threads without breaking the community guidelines
  • Be a respectful to the staff and all players.
  • Stay active in game and play more on the server.

The biggest reason why you were denied is activity. Admins look for 20-50 hours on the server which is fairly low compared to other GFL servers. You are brand new to the server and you instantly applied for admin. This shows the staff that you are just looking for a staff position and have no dedication to the server what so ever. 

                                               Player Time (minutes)                                  Player Score

dc4c9726880090b6f5e56f29903ee434.png   player_time.php?nameb64=VHdpbGlnaHQ%3D&hplayer_score.php?nameb64=VHdpbGlnaHQ%3D&



If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to message me on the forums or at my email [email protected]







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