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I can't chat now, but...

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Posted  Edited by Eyeball

I am no longer allowed to chat in the "box" because.... why? No reason sent out? No PM... nothing.


Yet, all the dipshits that were clearly fucking around with me are still able to sit there comfortably?


What a load of shit.


Further, why not just add an ignore user feature? If you don't like me... HEY!  LOOK!  YOU CAN IGNORE ME!


This is clearly nothing but a community of bias.


Be hip and roll with the 15-20 regs or "get lost".




EDIT: It's ok for the the "cool kid regs" to post whatever the fuck they want, but when I say something that annoys any of them, I'm a bad seed?


What a joke.


Edited by Eyeball

"The sun's not yellow, it's chicken" - Bob Dylan

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The ignoring feature does exist if that is the suggestion.



Aside from this, since the suggestion already exists and this forum isn't meant for appeals, I'm going to lock this thread.  I'm not the one who removed your Chat box permissions; so: I'll have to look into it further before a decision can be made.  You can send me a PM if there is anything else you'd like to add to this.


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