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Missing member rank.

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I am not sure how to prove that I was once a member, but I was a member since long ago. I played deathrun in csgo, moved onto the surf servers, and changed my name. I noticed I lost the rank after I changed my name. I don't know how to prove this at all. I can reapply if needed, but I'd like to see if you fellas can help me in restoring it first. Thanks.

If this helps at all. You can see I've been under two extremely similar names.


edit: forgot to add; I couldn't find my old forum account. I really don't know if the forums have reset or something but I had to login with steam. I'll attempt to find it and report back here.

couldn't find it at all. Looking at the last post of accepted member applications it shows that the first was June 15th. My application would have been before then, so I don't know. I'll try to find a cached version of the old gfl clan website if I confirm it has wiped.

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