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 After Answering Tell Me Witch You Got For Each.

EX: 1:A

1 .     Which part of a band would you want to be?
Rocking on the guitar!
The lead singer with my awesome voice!
The drums! Of course!
Whichever part gets to be the center of attention
I dont want to be in a band



What do you think is your number one hobby?
Spying and sabotaging the person that likes the same person as me.
Hanging out with friends and making money!
Getting sweet revenge on people
Jam out on my awesome guitar
Go yak dancing with my family


  • What is your hairstyle?
    Have a part of my hair tied up, but leave most of it undone
    I practically have no hair!
    Leave it open with a LOT of clips and stuff
    I dont really care how it looks
    A comb over, covered in gel to keep it in place
    Its your 16th b-day, what do you do for your party?
    Invite all my friends for a slumber party.
    Invite my best friends and have something traditional
    Have my band play at it of course!
    Invite the person who also likes the person who I like and make them look bad in front of everyone.
    Invite some friends and jam out.
    You come back to school and realize that proms the next day. You made a bet with the popular people that you got a date but you actually didnt
    I HAVE a gf! (bf)
    Show up and dont care
    Well, who wouldnt want to be my date?
    Im not involved in that kind of stuff
    Just grab the randomness person ever

    Date Dump or marry? Johnny Depp
    Umm can I sabotage his career? If not, then DUMP!
    Im a guy! DUMP
    Oh he is so talented! DATE

    Youre new in school, need friends fast. What do you do?
    Im always the centre of attention already!
    Ill find friends soon enough.
    Tell them I live in the Whitehouse
    My dad is the ambassador, who wouldnt want to be my friend?
    Im more of a do it myself kind of person

    You asked your crush to come over to your house. What do you do about it?
    I panic then get my dad to make some yummy food.
    Just be cool about it, no pressure.
    My parents would FREAK if they knew I liked someone and asked them to come over.
    I prepare a nice tea party for him with my stuffed teddy bear.
    Sabotage whoever likes him/her and then ask her out and keep trying even if she says no the first time.

    You get ditched by your band, what do you do?
    Show them my awesome guitar skills
    I try to convince them that they need me in their band.
    I'm the lead singer, they wouldn't kick me out!
    Tell my daddys friend to make them want me in the band.
    I DONT HAVE A BAND! (but if I did and they did that I would sabotage them

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Some grade A


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