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BHop Server Setup Help

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Hi GFL, it might have been better to post this in the Support Bucket forum but oh well, move it if you'd like.


I recently bought a CS:GO dedicated server and I want to set up a BHop server. I have mostly everything installed needed except for the timer and zones.

I have no idea how to set up the timer/zones plugin and I have tried using multiple plugins for this and I just can't seem to figure out how to do it.


I was wondering if I could get some help setting this up. :)

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Hello, I do realize this is a very late response, but I was wondering if you're still having issues setting up a CS:GO Bunny Hop server.


If so, first, I believe you need to decide which timer you want to use. GFL currently uses ckSurf. However, there are other timers such as Influx Timer


The next thing you need to decide is whether you're going to use MySQL or not. If you want the same timer database to be used on more than one server, MySQL is required. If you want to display timer database information on a website, MySQL will also likely be required. If you're not using MySQL, you will likely use SQLite (basically a local database). I would assume these timers work with SQLite, but I have not tested them with it.


If you need a MySQL server, you can either look around for web hosting supporting MySQL databases (recommended for users not familiar with MySQL) or set up your own MySQL server. You can find MySQL installation guides with Google and such (e.g. here's an example). I would highly recommend not hosting a MySQL server on your computer if your server is going to be public (e.g. non-test server).


Assuming that SourceMod, MetaMod, and the timer plugin are installed and you've decided the database type you want to use (e.g. MySQL), you should open the file addons/sourcemod/configs/databases.cfg. Most of the time, the timer's documentation gives an example of what you should insert into your databases.cfg. For example, Influx Timer gives an example on this page (under "Using MySQL").


Here are examples of MySQL and SQLite entries:


	"driver" 			"mysql"
	"host"				"<dbHost>"
	"database"			"<dbDatabase>"
	"user"				"<dbUser>"
	"pass"				"<dbPass>"
	"timeout"			"60"
	"port"				"3306"

Note - Obviously, replace <db*> with the correct information. The MySQL default port is 3306, but your MySQL server port may be different.



	"driver"			"sqlite"
	"database"			"timer"

Note - No information is required besides the database name since it is being stored locally. Databases are stored in addons/sourcemod/data/sqlite/<dbDatabase>.sq3.


After that is done, restart your server and check if there are any errors in addons/sourcemod/logs/errors_*.log. You can also check by typing sm plugins list in your server's console or through RCON and ensure the timer plugin(s) don't have a <ERROR> prefix. If there are no errors, the timer likely loaded successfully.


As for zones, I would recommend reading the timer's documentation. From what I've seen, the sm_zones (!zones or /zones in chat) command is commonly used with timer plugins (sometimes requires the "z" admin flag). The admin menu should include timer commands as well, sm_admin (!admin or /admin in chat).


You should be good to go. If you have any other issues or see something wrong with this post (a possibility), please let me know! I always love learning new things!



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