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[CSGO] Jailbreak Discord

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What is DISCORD?

Discord is a VoIP program used mainly for small communities and groups of friends. You can read more about it Here. It can also be used through your BROWSER, removing the need of downloading the program.



Mainly because it will be a fast method to contact administrators if there is help needed, removing the need of adding them on Steam or sending a Private Message on the Forums, which may take a while.


How to join?

Simply click on this link:





Click on the big PLUS button on the Left side of the Discord app, and select the Join Server, there, you should paste the link provided above.




I believe it is a great opportunity to bring the GFL Jailbreak community together. It is also a better way for the administration team to contact each other instead of the Forums Messenger, which In my opinion should be used only for very important things, such as announcements and updates.


I will tag @HackingPotato if she would like to add something about this, and/or edit my thread, as it was written in quite a rush at 4 am in the morning.






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If you are not a discord fan and prefer teamspeak 3 our IP is ts.gflclan.com. this teamspeak is shared by everyone in the community not just the jailbreak community. 


I am active on both, feel free to contact me for any questions, comments, or concerns. 


I'll add some rules later tonight. 



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