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Adversary's Resignation

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Right, this was something on my mind for a while and I decided that I should do what I feel is best. I will be resigning. 

As for why I am choosing to resign, it is more or less a bunch of non-sense to most people. But I feel many things and have many aspirations- and GFL used to be a major part of most of them, it just is not realistic anymore. I cannot tell myself to work hard even for people I love and care about and even see as family if I have no motivation or supporting roles left... or any real reason to continue like I wanted, really. I have been telling myself to work and do things for the server and community for a while, because to me this was a place that I really enjoyed, a place where I met most of my friends and important figures in my life; I felt as though I owed it my absolute best. Motivation is a scarce fuel around here, and I had lots of it but it has dried up every time I let it out, because I was faced with what is realistic and what is just high hopes for the future.
With how little I had to gain, and how much I had to go through, I got very far; I managed to achieve my 11 year old self's dreams of becoming a Senior Admin I had from 6 years ago, as lame as it sounds. But I am ending it here. There is too much that I cannot put up with and too many differences that will more than likely never see middle ground even given enough time. As for the future, I still wish the best for you all and I hope things change sooner than later, if not then I wish the best to the next person who is faced with the thoughts and decisions I was faced with. Though I would have loved Server Manager in an ideal GFL, this is not an opportunity I wish to take after lots of talking and thought. I appreciate everything the community has done for me and this is where I leave before I follow the same regretful path that others have.

Thank you.


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