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See ya round like a donut

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As sad as it is to say, I’m resigning from TTT Rotational Admin. It’s nothing huge. I just don’t have the time and motivation to play currently. I have softball, school and hopefully soon to be a job. Then in a few months I’ll have college. I tried to get myself to play everyday for 1 hour and weekends, but within a week of being consistent on that, I got burnt out very quickly. I promise I’ll be around. I definitely consider GFL my family. 


Thank you to everyone who has always believed in me and lead me in the right direction to become the best admin I could be.


I’ll try and play when I have time because I do enjoy the regulars and the staff, but I need a break right now and I feel like this is the right decision currently. I may be back later more toward summertime, but until then, this isn’t a goodbye, this is a see you later 💜


Actively Idle,

Best wishes,







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I'll welcome you back when you come back Braelyn, We had a deal i'll sponsor you xd

Stay gay ❤️ 


It's not RDM if i do it on purpsose

Sometimes I think people call sus on me just for breathing



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