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Ban Appeal (again)

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Steam Name(s): De_throne

SteamID: STEAM_1:1:82982533


Admin that banned you: Wuffy

What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): Perma ban


Reason for ban: Toxicity, Trolling, Getting people to go against admins, not getting any better since he was unbanned


Why should you be unbanned?


I pushed him off of the god spot in Museum after he killed himself. Because that is against the rules i pushed him off the ledge and when someone came buy him i jokingly said "hey kid, wanna touch that dead body?". Since the dead bodies are very glitchy I didn't know if he saw it and told him to walk forward. I didn't think that mentioning a ragdoll in the middle of the map, in clear view of everyone, would be ghosting, but that does count then I apologize for it, and I now know for the future. 


The only thing about toxicity that i could think of was when i yelled at some people to stop screaming because i had gotten tired of a group of about 5-8 people who had been yelling in their mics for a solid two minutes and none of the admins online at the time had done anything. 


I have absolutely no clue what "Getting people to go against admins" means as i never encouraged any thing like that, and I didn't even see anyone harassing any admins while i was on.


The last reason isn't bannable and just seems to be him venting. Wuffy hasn't liked me for a while and i remember him feeling the need to message me about a year ago telling me that he doesn't like/hates me.


The only valid reason for a WARN is the ghosting, which wasn't even one of the reasons given, and if I am in the wrong about that then i apologize, but the rest of the reasons seem to be tacked on just to make me look bad. 

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Ok, I didn't permaban him strictly for ghosting @Musical. That is a misconception. The reason I've permabanned you is simple. You haven't gotten ANY less toxic since you were unbanned.


Here's how it all went down from my perspective. Before this all started, you already made me verbal you for bodyblocking and micspam in the space of 10 minutes. You also streamed GFL HnS to Nblock so he can troll around using join names. That in and of itself probably deserved a pban because you're streaming the game to someone pbanned who isn't supposed to interact, plus I told you and Nblock to stop and you guys didn't until you left. We almost had to get the manager or higher-ups to change an entire setting because of that. I get it if it was a joke but even still, that's just unacceptable and that probably should've gotten you pbanned in the first place.


When you pushed me off on your screen, you told the seekers where I was after I told you to stop, and that is ghosting. I was just going to warn you for that and be done with it, but no. You laughed at me for "not knowing the rules" and got atomic and a few others to join in and while some argued in a more subtle manner, some said that I didn't know the rules. @Harakoni made a rule that expanded ghosting to "not tell the seekers where other hiders are at". Basically, instead of just taking the warn, you decided to go out of your way and be a troll about it. I notified this to staff and multiple people agreed that a pban was deserved.


The last reason for "venting" is because you've been a troll in the past, and you've been a troll now. Even after you got unbanned, it feels to me that you feel entitled to do anything you want just because you're a well known player. From what I see, you constantly just play the victim like a soccer player. It happened with Harakoni too. He pbanned you for being a constant troll and then you reported him for abuse and made his life harder. From what I see, you're trying to be innocent after you got unbanned but you troll way too much and the staff doesn't have fun with this kind of behavior. It's childish and petty the way you act sometimes on the server, and that is why you've been pbanned. The staff team is tired of this.


Also I never said "I hate you" to you. That is a lie. I said you're becoming not fun to play with and until you get better, I'm blocking you off steam. So here's the summary of this appeal.


You're admitting to ghosting while trying to look innocent and say all of my reasons were false. You have been toxic to people since you got on and you basically allowed a pbanned player who back doored the server multiple times in Nblock. You got a couple people to say that "I didn't know the rules" on the server, and that's the most petty thing admins hear. When someone tells an admin that they don't know the rules, that's pure child's play, it's ridiculous. It's not just me that has a problem with you in game, but multiple people on the staff team. The reason I banned you is that you haven't improved one bit since you got unbanned and still feel entitled to anything.


You trolled back then, and you still troll now.




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