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Henny's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: Henny


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:1:79578884


Banned by: Quack I think??


Ban Reason: Teaming


Why should you be unbanned

Jokingly teamed for one round, was gonna kill him in the end but round ended with T's winning. I understand teaming is rather quite un-enjoyable in a game like this, but it was only a one and done joke.

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Posted  Edited by Joe with the numbers

Hi, I was the admin that banned you.
You sat there and watched a T kill a guy and did nothing as an inno
It did seem like it might have been a one off joke as you said it was.
However, please dont break the rules even as a joke.
I'll request for oyu to be unbanned since it was a joke, just dont do it again

Edited by Joe with the numbers


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