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looking for an admin referral to apply to be one.

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I'd recommend joining our GMOD Discord server (link: https://discord.gg/X2myz7M), there you can find chatrooms where you can converse with and get to know the current Admin team. You simply have to request a sponsor from an Admin, and if they think you're good enough, they will sponsor you.


What is concerning is that if you were an active player (which is required of staff members), you probably should have bumped into Admins while playing.. perhaps there is just a major timezone difference, though. Good luck!

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Hey! Admin here. I want to give you one, maybe two tips before asking for a sponsorship.


1. Get to know the admins, especially the one(s) you're going to be asking for said sponsorship.


2. Get your activity up and get to be well known by the players. In a positive way. Therefore people will enjoy your presence and admins will be more keen on sponsoring you.


Good luck!

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Ngl I haven't seen you on the server once, and that'd be because you just joined yesterday.




Join the Discord, get to know others, get your hours up higher and get minimum requirements before applying and getting a sponsor.

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