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A post pandemic, Post US Election, GFL/TF2 2021 Global Country v Country TOURNAMENT / Gibfest

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A post pandemic,  Post US Election, GFL / TF2 2021 Global Country v Country Tourney / Gibfest 2021 ...



After everything that 2020 was and wasn't , and the amount of pain, anxiety and stress that in particular the US ( and everyone ) has suffered endured, and battled through.....I think a global TF2 TOURNEY to gibb away and welcome the new year and give everyone a chance to sort it out on 2FORT etc :)))


What better way could ther be to square with your neigbours....fellow countrymen, and take the battle to the best place to help everyone heal....maybe even get old foes talking again LOL :)


So thats my idea....hope you like.....



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