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The Final Box Box Breach Guide

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Welcome to the final box box guide for breach!


For introduction, back around 2 years ago, when the server was in its best days, every so often I made giant guides for people on the server. Everybody loved them! I made sure that it was easy and understandable, and nobody ever said anything negative things. Silence the weak, I always say.  So, lets go onto the guide.



This will be the last guide I shall ever make. What is this guide for you might ask?  Well, these clowns on this forum might think you have to play the game mode a specific way, but they are wrong. This guide is about how you really play breach!!!!!!




1. Always win

    " you must win " - me


So, if you are playing GFL Breach, at the start, let's say you are D-Class. Just make sure to win. I can't say much else. It's pretty darn easy, and especially easy for everybody else. Get the card and get out and that's really it.




2. Remember, everything, including life, is just a fabrication. 

       " Anything and everything? It means nothing. " - The Bacteria On The Wall

 For the second, and most importantly last step of this guide, is to realize that life is completely fabricated  and everything is a lie. Everything you know and love is all just nothing and there is no possible way to fathom how everything could be what it is. It must be realized that life is just completely nothing. Life and everything you can even think of just isn't true. What you see isn't real. And what you cannot see isn't real. What the person closest to me sees isn't real and it just is all a giant nothingness. There is no words, or any feeling in this empty creation of nothing to express what I, me, we, you or anybody that can show the level of understanding needed to fathom it.  What you see is what you get, and anything more then that you are just blinded by curiosity. It can just be an infinite plane of nothing housed just for you. And for what? Nothing. There is nothing. Nothing will ever be there. And nothing has ever been there. Breach? It isn't there, and it never has been. Shall it all be just a lie to bring me satisfaction? Have the atoms combined to bring me happiness? I'll never know. Because it isn't knowable and everything isn't knowable. Anything isn't knowable either. And it is all just a mockup to bring anything everything, or bring everything anything. Shall this put me out of this horrible existence to what I imagine it could be. Once more, another plane of nothingness. I just am not able to put in words the sadness and stupidity my life has come to. I just cannot do it anymore. I can't decide what is real or if anything is anything anymore. Not much things bring me joy and I am just forced into a dreaded loop of life. Everything is the same, and the same is everything. When I do one thing, I must do it 1000 times. Maybe not right after another, but sure. I'll have to do it 1000 times. I just can't take this for much longer. I just can't decide what is real anymore. Please help me.



3. Closure

   "  ,\/V   " -      ;lj

I just want to say thank you to everybody that has read this or read any of my guides cause they are and always will be awesome and this will be the last breach guide to ever roam this earth. So yeah. Hope you can win or have better luck on breach with this guide. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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