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I  am mbs

i am member

steamid is STEAM_0:1:85437038


yea I like vip

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Former Manager On Hide and Seek

Former Admin  on prop hunt

Former trail admin on breach 

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@Caution Thank you for this :) I really appreciate it!


SG (SteamGamers) was the first gaming community I was ever a part of which was back in 2010 (I played on the CS:S Zombie Escape server a lot at the time) and inspired me a lot with projects like GFL (along with other communities like HellsGamers). I know back then I was childish in the community and apologize for that (I'm not sure if you read the threads I posted there back then like this and this, but I was 12 or 13 years old or so at the time and always have a laugh looking back at it now personally). However, I've always respected SG and glad to see it's still doing well!


I would also be in full support of doing collaborations in the future!

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