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Overwatch FFA

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Overwatch Free For All


Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve hosted a big event due to school. I’ll be starting off with an Overwatch FFA instead of the usual Team Deathmatch. Every time we do Team Deathmatch, not a lot of teams participate so it’ll be easier to do Free For All instead. Each participant will have to take upon the other participant to win in a FFA simulation. Be very careful, as the competitors are tough and have fought many battles!



Event Details


Start Date: December 12th (Saturday)

Round Time: 10 PM GMT

Hosted By: @Bae

Map(s): TBA

Discord: https://discord.gg/MnPD6BG

Region: North America

Banned Heroes: Moira, Orisa, Torbjorn, Mercy, Lucio, Sombra, Brigitte, and Reaper.





  • You must only enter using your own Overwatch/Battle.net account.

  • You must be a member or higher to participate.

  • You are recommended to join the GFL Discord before the start of the event.

    • Hoster may or may not give information that can pertain to the event details.





  • Turn up to the event on time.

  • Show respect to other players. 

    • Mild trash talk is allowed.

  • Do not deliberately force a draw.

  • Do not exploit bugs/glitches.

  • Do not camp in spawn.

  • The Host & Event Coordinators have the final say.





  • First Place

    • Overwatch Elite (Discord Rank)

    • Forum Badge 


Undetermined of remaining prizes due to unsure of how many participants will be there. But the badges and discord rank is a definite prize.



How to Sign Up

Make ONE post stating the following:


  1. Your Battle.net/Overwatch ID

  2. Do you think you can win and why?


The second question is just making sure that you got the guts to tell us why you think you can win and beat your competitors.


The cut-off date for registration is December 10th!


credits to @Clavers

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1. EXTRADIP#1820

2. I'm sorry but me winning this has the same rate of me getting Keqing or Diluc



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