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How to drive a LFS Vehicle

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You're either here to just read or really don't know how to drive LFS Ground Vehicles. Anyways, here is a guide as to how to use one.


Step 1.



Ask through comms. If it gets approved, an admin or game master will spawn one for you.


Step 2.


Enter it via pressing E on the ship, make sure you're in seat 1. Seat 1 will always be the pilot seat and pressing 1 again will lock other seats from being occupied.


Step 3.

Hover the cursor over your crosshair and press R. This will start the vehicle. Unlike ships that are for the air, vehicles can move along the ground with W, A, S, D. Every vehicle will have different speeds.


Step 4.



Now just press W or A or S or D to start moving around. Hold SHIFT to go faster.


Step 5.




Depending on your vehicle, you can aim and shoot whatever weapon your vehicle is equipped with by holding LEFT CLICK. Also depending on your vehicle, you can hold RIGHT CLICK to shoot off the vehicle's alternate fire.


Step 6.



Holding ALT will allow a freelook mode that allows for you to look around without making any huge turns.


Step 7.



On certain vehicles, pressing SPACE will trigger a certain event for your vehicle. For this TX-130, pressing SPACE will turn on its flashlight. On another vehicle such as the AT-RT, it'll make the vehicle jump.


As of now, this is the most LFS Ground Vehicles can do as of now.

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Clonewars Roleplay {Senior Admin}

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