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NotYoshi's TTT MC 24/7 Mute/Ban Appeal

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Posted  Edited by NotYoshi

That is a poorly made assumption.
As they were banned, I streamed gameplay. As you can you see in that gameplay, it was me tapping heads of the inno's.
furthermore, you can clearly see I am deafened, so I can not hear any "encouragement" to harass an e-girl.
Not to mention that, even after receiving that message, which I do not recall even seeing, I still did nothing wrong.
I don't recall "Streaming Gameplay" to players who can't use it to ghost is considered ghosting. 
Please revaluate your previous statement.

The evidence that I "hid" was removed as it is unnecessary to non-staff. Also states "Will supply to administration if necessary."
not to mention it was edited before your reply.

Edited by NotYoshi

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While I wasn't there for this event I do have a question as to why you decided to pull down the video that was linked as your evidence. My only guess as to why you would willingly remove evidence meant to prove your point is due to the fact that it clearly incriminates you.


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