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Looking for some new headphones.

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Posting this in hopes of some people who actually play games to be able to recommend a good set of headphones for gaming.


I am looking for a pair of Virtual 7.1 surround sound headphones preferably with out a mic or a detachable mic as I already have a standalone mic.  It does not necessarily have to be a gaming headset, just good quality surround sound that would work with gaming in mind.


EDIT:  Figured it may be worth stating I am also looking for over ear cups


Looking for a price of around $100 (USD) but willing to go up to $150.  


Not exactly knowledgeable in the field of headphones so not sure what else to list that would be a necessary spec for the headphones that would be important so feel free to ask if you need any other info.

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Meant headphones on the first line

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