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[CS:GO BHop] Bunny Hop MOTD

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CS:GO Bunny Hop MOTD


@PaxPlay - STEAM

  • No phone calls of any kind.
  • No posting inappropriate links, this can include pornography, screamers, or gory websites.
  • No encouraging the breaking of rules.
  • No trolling (i.e. coming on the server with the sole intention of starting trouble or to annoy others).
  • No harassing other players or admins. 
  • No impersonating other players or staff members.
  • No over-using racism. (Don't constantly use racial slurs.)
  • This is an American server; we obviously welcome players from around the world. However, this server is English only.
  • No hacking or scripting. No DDoS threats towards the server or other players. No Doxing other players. Each of these results in a ban.
  • No chat/mic-spamming. This can include: screaming, playing music, making random noises, reading stories out loud, prank calls, singing, holding down the talk button for an extensive amount of time, etc.
  • No using exploits to get bugged times on maps, doing so will result in suspension from the server depending on the severity of the issue.
  • No advertising.
  • No arguing with admins. After they've made a decision, listen to them. Their word is final.


Member Benefits (Free, apply at GFLclan.com)

Access to the upcoming store!
Supporter Benefits ($5.00 monthly)

Access to members benefits.
A reserved server slot. (Can join when the server is full of normal players by connecting with the IP through console.)
Useful GFLTimer Commands
 sm_ is for the console. Replace sm_ with "!" or "/" in the chat (without the quotes).
 ! = shown to everybody
 / = Hidden from everybody

  • sm_r / sm_start - Teleport you back to the start zone and resets the timer.
  • sm_hide - Hide other players.
  • sm_style - Select a bhop style.
  • sm_pause - Pauses/Resumes the timer.
  • sm_end - Teleport to the end of a map. (This will stop your timer)
  • sm_nc - Toggles noclip. (This will stop your timer)
  • sm_hud - Open your hud settings.
  • sm_ssj - Open the jump stats menu (advanced)
  • sm_rank [name] - Displays the rank of [name] or your own if not specified.
  • sm_chatrank - Change your chat title.
  • sm_profile [name] - Displays the profile of [name].
  • sm_top - Displays the top 100 players.
  • sm_tier - Display the tier (difficulty) of the current map. Tiers range from 1 - 6 (easy - hard).
  • sm_wr - View the leaderboard of the current map.
  • sm_bwr - View the bonus leaderboard of the current map.
  • sm_recent - View recent records.

In Game Chat Commands

  • timeleft - Displays the time the current map will stay in chat.

GFL CS:GO Bhop servers



How do I bind a command to a key?
Open up console and type this for the key and command you wish to bind: bind (key) (command) | EXAMPLE - bind o sm_r


How can I become a GFL member?
First, you must sign up on the forums at GFLclan.com. After you've done that head over to the applications tab on the index and click Member Application. 


Bhop Links
Bhop Forums Section.

Admin Application.


Discord Server 

GFL Links
Membership Application.


Any Question? Join the BHop Discord Server or pm @PaxPlay .

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Updated Links and commands

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