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Hello :D

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(clears throat) *ehem*

Sorry about that guys :)That's the way I greet a stranger/friend every time I meet one.


So about myself uhhhhhmmmmm All I can say about to myself is that I am Handsome , Smart, Kind, Sociable, and Lovely (which is kinda like the opposite :D )


I'm from Philippines, 19 yrs old and 2nd yr college.

Language: Filipino and English ( I also want to learn japanese  coz i'm a weaboo LOL)


AAAAAND THAT"S IT !!! Glad to be here and Nice to meet you ALL MOFOS!!!!

BTW I want to say thank you to kikofly and spacecow for sharing this awesome website of GFL :D

BIG FAN of ZE CSGO and Hide and seek Gmod huehuehue RESPECT to the Map Creators! Srsly Thank you guys!!!



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Jokes aside, welcome to GFL. I am Leks. You might find me messing around GFL's CS:GO Jailbreak server, where I am an administrator. If ya need some help, hit me up and I might tell ya a thing or two :P


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