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[CS2 ZE] Server Information

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Welcome to GFL's CS2 Zombie Escape server! Join by clicking here, and make sure to join our Discord too!


  • Be respectful, this means no racism, sexism or other forms of discrimination
  • No mic or chat spamming
    • Soundboards are generally permitted if they are used in moderation, do not interrupt leaders, and are not excessively loud
    • "Zombie leading" will be considered spam if speaking over a human leader, consider using team text chat instead
  • No advertising other servers/Discords
    • General link sharing is allowed
  • No hacking or scripting
  • Do not abuse exploits, and don't go telling the whole server about ones you find
  • No trolling, this includes any intentional acts such as:
    • False leading
    • Misusing items
    • Boosting zombies
    • Edging: Positioning yourself to be infected and chain infect easier
    • Zombie inflating: Intentionally becoming zombie
    • Anything else that can reasonably be considered intentionally detrimental to the team
    • Certain maps may design gameplay around trolling, some of these rules may be more relaxed on them
  • Do not evade punishments on alt accounts
  • Admins have the final say, even if something is not listed here
  • !weaponname - Buy a weapon by name
  • !stopsound - Toggle between silenced/disabled/enabled weapon sounds
  • !ztele - Teleport back to spawn, useful if you are stuck
  • !hide [distance] - Hide nearby teammates within a certain distance
  • !rtv - Rock the vote, casts your vote to change off the current map faster
  • !unrtv - Remove your cast RTV vote
  • !ve - Vote extend, casts your vote to extend the current map
  • !unve - Remove your cast VE vote
  • !extendsleft - Display amount of extends remaining
  • !timeleft - Display time left for the current map
  • !discord - Return an invite link for the GFL ZE Discord
  • !member - Return a link to apply for member
  • !donate - Return a link to donate for Supporter or VIP
  • !nominate <mapname> - Nominate a map by name
  • !nomlist - View current nominations

* ! can be replaced with c_ for console usage
* ! can be replaced with / for a silent chat command


Member Benefits


Apply for membership as GFL membership is FREE.



  • An in-game chat tag that says [Member]
  • Member role in our Discord (sync with ~~roles command)
Donator Benefits


Donate for Supporter or VIP to support GFL's operating costs.



  • An in-game chat tag that says [Supporter] or [VIP]
  • Supporter or VIP role in our Discord (sync with ~~roles command)
  • Our gratitude for your support during the early days of CS2
Staff List


[Server Managers]

@Snowy - STEAM
@Vauff - STEAM


[Senior Admins]

@Block - STEAM

@lce - STEAM



@alpha_steven - STEAM

@Chewie2k - STEAM

@rod - STEAM

@DeathNote - STEAM

@Ravioli Ravioli - STEAM

@SimplyEesa - STEAM

@AsNKrysis - STEAM

@shel1bert - STEAM

@Leado - STEAM


@ChicagoBen - STEAM

@Console - STEAM


[Trial Admins]







[Map Testers]

@Longus Dongus






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