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TTT2 Fates Roles + Classes

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This is dedicated to the roles/classes active during the Fates event! 😄

Roles: Basically decide what team you're on(Traitor, Innocent, or a third party team). Some roles also have special abilities.

Classes: An unique modifier that is unrelated to your role or team affiliation. Generally give you special starting equipment or a special ability.


Innocent: Work together with the other Innocents and the Detective to figure out who the Traitors and Jackals are!
Detective: Use your DNA scanner and special Detective shop items to help the Innocent team figure out who to Trust and who's a dirty little traitor.

Traitor: Your goal is to kill everyone who is not also a Traitor. Confuse the innocents and use stealth and the aid of your special gadgets to win. Watch out for the Jackal however..

Hitman: A special Traitor, you can see the classes of all players as well as have access to unique gear separate from all other Traitors. However, you can only get credits from killing your target, so prepare to work for it!

Jackal: An unique neutral evil role who wants to kill both the Innocents and the Traitors. Has a special shop with access to class-exclusive gear, and a special Sidekick Deagle, which converts the person shot into a Sidekick who will now help in your goals.
Sidekick: Born from getting shot by the Sidekick Deagle, the sidekick is very similar to the main Jackal. However, if the Jackal dies, the sidekick promotes to the new Jackal and gets a new Sidekick Deagle to claim a sidekick of their own.


Agent: You start with a Cloaking Device and Advanced Disguiser.
Elf: Start with a special Snowball weapon and a Magical Present. Unfortunately, the Grinch has rigged some Presents with explosives.
Huntsman: You're prepared for a fight and brought a Harpoon and a Bear-Trap. 
Vampire: You're the world's Wimpiest Vampire. You can eat corpses for HP and move faster.
Troll: Utilizing the powers of terrible internet memes, you can transform into a Prop or alter your size. Be annoying! 
Athlete: Top of your line, the best baseball player around. You carry a baseball bat at all times, as well as a Jar of Piss for unknown reasons.

Junkie: Due to the power of legally-questionable substances, you shoot, run and reload faster than normal.
Priest: Heal people with a medkit or light them on fire with the Amaterasu.
Spartan: You start with extra armor and can kick someone to their doom.

Gambler: Your weapons deal a random amount of damage and you have a random chance to come back when killed.

Scientist: A very confused individual, with a Newton Launcher and a DNA scanner.

Freerunner: Parkour master, immune to fall damage and able to jump up to three times.

Magician: Teleport around and fake your death with the Dead Ringer.

Ninja: You make no footstep sounds and have access to powerful Shurikens.

Stuntman: Immune to explosives, Fire, and Falling.

Fraud: Fake your own death and flashbang people.

Hacker: Hack into the secret server code! Give yourself godmode! Slowdown or Speed up time! Get banned by angry staff members!

Medium: Has access to the Poltergeist and a Ghostly Knife.

Visionary: You always know where everyone is, and you can also slow down time.

Bounty Hunter: Use your magical Golden Gun and Radar to destroy your bounties.   


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