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Stefan Karl - We Are Number One Live

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Posted  Edited by Faex

This is literally the best moment of 2016. If you haven't heard, Stefan Karl (Robbie Rotten from LazyTown) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Before then, a shit ton of We are Number One memes started popping up. Soon after, a Gofundme page was opened for Stefan's healing. Then, the God himself announced that he would perform the song live for all of his "meme friends". 

This man is truly a legend. This meme literally saved his life, and he gave us this amazing performance. The meme may have died, but Stefan swill sure as shit won't.

This is the one time where a bunch of adults referencing memes and doing dabs isn't cringe.


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"...You do a thing and it becomes the paint others will use on their canvas

of the internet for their memes" - Michael Stevens, Vsauce


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Posted  Edited by Leks

This is really amazing!

This guy is a true legend, regardless whether he is a meme or not.


Edit: LOL at 17:48 the guy in the beige suit dabs! LOLOL

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