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Admin/OP Application Guidelines

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Read this entire post before doing anything! Failure to do so can result in an instant denial.


Before you even consider applying, please make sure you are a Member or higher. (Apply for member here.)


You can apply for two possible positions on Murder:

  • Admin
  • Operator


The minimum requirements to apply for Admin on GMod Murder are as follows:

  • 40 hours on Murder Minecraft Rotation
  • 40 hours on Murder General Rotation
  • 20+ posts on the forums
  • Is active on the forums (Views/Posts at least once per week)
  • Must be a GFL Member
  • Has a good relationship with the admins
  • Can handle criticism and control temper
  • Must have a confirmed admin sponsor (see below)


The minimum requirements to apply for Operator on GMod Murder are as follows:

  • 30 hours on Murder Minecraft Rotation
  • 10+ posts on the forums (Unless told by @Winter to apply with fewer)
  • Is active on the forums (Views/Posts at least once per week)
  • Must be a GFL Member
  • Has a good relationship with the admins
  • Can handle criticism and control temper





Admins are admins to keep peace on the server. They are there to moderate while still keeping it fun for everyone. Admins are there to keep balance and remove hackers and rule breakers. They are higher than operators for a reason.


Being an admin is not for you if you tend to have an attitude towards other admins or users. If you are applying for powers, don't bother applying. Being admin does not mean you have power over anyone, same goes for all other ranks. Admins are just like anyone else but they are representing GFL by moderating the servers.


GFL wants admins that are mature, respectful to others, being humble, showing initiative and discernment.

If you have any questions, you can PM the Manager, @Winter, or contact any of the admins shown here.




If you'd like to apply for admin please place your admin application in the correct sub-forum, Murder, with your SteamID and a format like this.


(It is preferred if you make the Thread title is something along the lines of "[Your Name]'s Admin Application".)


SteamID can be found here.

Server time for Murder Minecraft Rotation can be found here.


Please don't apply if you have less than 30 hours on any server you're applying for. If you don't have what hours admins expect you to have BEFORE applying please try to make yourself known to the admin team (In a good way). Either by making player reports (in the subforum) or even making admin reports (Please only send these to Managers+). 


"Admin Sponsorships":

Essentially what this means is an admin has to "sponsor" or support your admin application before applying. If you don't have an admin sponsor your admin application, it can be closed without warning (This is to prevent "spam apps" or applicants applying with less than 24 hours on the server). The best way to get an admin to sponsor your admin application is to prove yourself in game, or make yourself known to the entire team. Any Murder admin can sponsor an application. So please acquire a sponsorship before applying. Do not be annoying and bug admins about sponsoring them.


Trial Admins and Operators may not sponsor. Do not ask them to! (They may vote on applications, however.)


Props to @Zebra for making the guidelines thread (I tweaked it some)

Props to @Zac, I stole some stuff from CS:GO Deathrun's admin requirements :lenny:


Edited by Winter
Updated guidelines



Aspiring OWL Player

Official Fat Cunt of GFL


  • Former GFL Council Member
  • Former Deathrun Server Manager
  • Former Murder Server Manager (2x)
  • Former Forum/Discord/TS Moderator
  • Former Member Acceptor
  • Former Prop Hunt Admin
  • Former Breach Admin
  • Former Ragdoll Combat Admin
  • Former Hide and Seek Admin



















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