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Swqft's Application

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Name: Timithin Cletus
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:175493385
Age: 56
Play-time:  2,471 Hours

Why do you want to become an admin?:

I want to become an Admin on CS:GO Jailbreak because I hate when players break rules and I can not do anything about it. I want to help make the server a better place for new and recurring players and keep the server alive and new. I also want to become an Admin because I love the GFL community. I have been playing GFL for around 2 years and I have loved played on it from when I first joined up to now. Becoming an Admin would be taking another step into the community. I have previously been an Admin on GFL and it was an amazing experience. I loved staying up late on Teamspeak with all the other Admins on GMOD Jailbreak and got along with all of them. Although I love playing on Jailbreak as a Member, and I would love to start playing as an Admin. 

Why should we accept you?: 
You should accept me as an Admin for many reasons. First of all, I am extremely active. I started playing on the CS:GO Jailbreak server almost a month ago and I already have almost 30 hours. I am on my PC around 5+ hours a day and I will be reachable by Skype, Steam, Teamspeak and the Forums making me available to regulate the server very often. I know many if not all of the regulars and Admins on the server and I think I am decently respected by the majority of the player base. Not only am I active on the server, but I am active on the forums. I go on the forums every day and I love interacting with the community outside of the Jailbreak server. You will not see me on Teamspeak often because I do not know the password to anyone's channels, but if I am accepted as an Admin I will happily go on Teamspeak frequently. Furthermore, I know all of the rules to the server and I have great common sense when Administrating outside of the motd's guidelines. Finally, I have lots of Admin experience in many different areas. Although I have never been an Administrator in a CS:GO server before, I already know most of the Jailbreak server's commands so it will not be too difficult to teach me. As I stated previously, I used to be an Admin on GFL's Garry's Mod Jailbreak server. It is for these reasons that I think I would be suitable for an Admin position on the CS:GO Jailbreak server.
Extra information: 
Some extra info is that i am a senior in Tampa FL, and if you reading this you are Awesome. Thanks for your time.

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Just now, Swishizzo said:

so you copy and pasted my admin app, nice


no, i'm in your teamspeak right now and you're just giving me some advice on what i should be saying

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