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Found 283 results

  1. Simple Idea today folks. Just give his a bit more health to not insta-die, and change his right-click into a melee attack. Maybe similar damage/speed as the right click attack for SCP-049-2. Just so 011 isn't left defenseless after firing and that he can break down gates.
  2. Well, I'll start off pretty bluntly: Breach isn't doing as good as it used to. The population always seems to be staggering, with activity only at certain points in the day. Breach playercount in the past 30 days. The player count appears to fluctuate often these days. I've seen people in discord comment about "why is the server dead right now", and there is a general feeling that it isn't active or is slowly dying. Rather than sit idly by and hope it becomes extremely active again, I'd like to poll players on what they want to see in the server. It's no secret that I'm not that active on the server, and so I might be out of touch with the playerbase (how do you do, fellow kids?). The main question here is thus, "What would make the server more interesting/enjoyable or would draw in new players?". I'd like to explain a few of the options in depth: New Maps: These maps would be voted on by the players, to make sure they're maps they liked. Conversely, we could remove some less liked maps. New Playable SCPs/Classes: These would also be voted on by the players. Balance changes: These can be heavily debated. A lot of players can think something is OP and a lot can think it is underpowered, so it is difficult to reach a happy medium. New Special rounds/Changes to special rounds: Once again, this depends on what people want. Some enjoy some special rounds, some hate them. Event rounds: This is something I'm interested in. Essentially, it would be like Xy's old idea of turning SCP-1730 into a round, or my idea of the Termination of SCP-096, or maybe even Roleplay rounds. They would require a lot of work, but might be a nice interruption to the normal gameplay. New items/Interact-able entities: This means new SCP objects, whether they are collectibles or actual items, but it also means things like 1126 or 038; large objects that could do everything from teleport you to heal you to kill you. Making the gamemode harder: Honestly, this seems like a good idea to me. It's quite easy for a D class to get a level 2, upgrade it to level 3, and run to EZ, or upgrade to level 4/5 and get guns. Or, even easier, there are guns that don't need a keycard. The game might be more interesting if it posed a harder challenge; if SCPs had more health and could kill you in more interesting ways than the Left Click of Instant Death. Pointshop additions: I added this just in case some people are interested in more things in pointshop. It might mean more downloads for the server, though. I also added a few questions about the time you individually spend on the server and why you think the server has less activity. Feel free to comment below if you want to give more ideas for the server or give a longer explanation for your answers. Thanks!
  3. The round would be called something along the lines of swap. basically the round would be normal except every 2 minute everyone switches places randomly and everyone would have 2x speed to make up for time lost due to being teleported to the other side of the map
  4. Hey folks. I was considering doing a gigantic revamp of the weapons in breach yet again. I know there has been several and every single one has gotten mixed results, but I want to do one final one to try to hopefully get rid of all of the problems we've been having with the weapons. This revamp would reduce the amount of weapons we have to a more reasonable amount to make it easier to make each one stand out, as well as make it easier to balance. What this weapon revamp would entail: -3 Smgs(the mp5 as the special commander weapon, and two normal ones: the P90 and im not sure of the other one yet). -2 Rifles(Likely the M4 and a equivalent to the original Krieg). -3 Pistols(Glock and Deagle, with the R9 possibly serving as a commander weapon). -One or Two Shotguns(Depends on how hard it is to balance two shotguns due to the nature of breach). -All special Role weapons would remain(Flamethrower, the LMG, Dr.Clef's shotgun, etc). Additionally, each weapon class would have some specific stats in common: SMGs - No movement speed penalty, less damage than Rifles. Pistols: No movement speed penalty. Should be intentionally weaker than the primary weapons. Rifles: Higher damage than SMG and Pistols, but has a movement speed penalty. General Mockup of each weapon: Mp5: A hybrid of a SMG and a Rifle, would have no movement speed penalty but a higher base damage than the the other SMGs. Intentionally the 'best' smg due to a single person getting access. P90: Large magazine SMG with high accuracy and large magazine size and fire-rate, but lowest damage of the SMGs. Other SMG(Not decided): Normal sized Magazine SMG with higher damage than the P90 and around the same accuracy, but less fire-rate. M4: Essentially a pretty standard/generic rifle. 30 round magazine, higher damage than the SMGs, but comes with a movement speed penalty. Krieg Equivalent: Semi-Auto, highest damage per bullet of any gun in the game not counting the shotguns, hopefully lowest DPS due to being semi-auto. High accuracy, with a movement speed penalty. Glock: Full auto 'weak' pistol. Should do less damage than any of the automatics(or at best, same damage as the p90 but with a reduced magazine size). Deagle: Classic slow firing high damage pistol. Should do more damage per shot than the SMGs, less damage than the Krieg Equivalent. Ideal damage would be around 3-4 shots to kill(not counting armor). R9: Commander exclusive pistol. The Deagle but with the option to rapid fire, and with less recoil than the Deagle. Shotgun: Should deal the highest total damage of any gun(Krieg does more per bullet than the Shotgun does per pellet). Should kill an unarmored target in 1 shot upclose to make it not weaker than the other weapons(2 shots would likely result in other guns being stronger), but should quickly fall off at range. Positives of the Change: Easier to make each gun stand out and have an use. Less weapon bloat causing confusion for new players needing to learn all of the guns. SCP-914 update made much easier to finish due to reduced amount of weapons and items needing upgrades made for them. Ability to add additional guns down the line with a much more solid baseline. Potential Downsides of the Change: Less guns overall making people feel like they're losing content. Inevitable tweaking needing to be done after the update comes out to ensure the guns are in a good spot. People feeling sad over losing their favorite weapons. Im making this a poll to see what you guys think.
  5. New Maps

    I mentioned in my "Future of Breach" post that we could add new maps to introduce something new to the game. A large amount of players expressed their interest in new maps, which is why I've created this poll: I want to see what maps players would like on the server. I've included 4 maps here; feel free to check them out in singleplayer. We may be able to make edits to the maps if they are missing something or need balance changes. Here are the maps I've included in the poll: Site 05 v2: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1628598632 Site 32: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2016341404 Site 65: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1989465042 Site 69: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1998542613 If you have a map you want to add in the poll or comments about the maps, feel free to post them below. Thanks!
  6. SCP-001 Sheaf of Papers Contest: Hello folks! Don't worry, this is a completely different kind of contest from the last one. Instead of flexing your skills of luck and rapidly running to the escape while screaming about gift cards, this one is flexing your creativity! SCP-001 Sheaf of Papers is one of the oldest SCP-001s on the site, and it keeps generating new articles. As such, for this contest you need to create your own new playable SCP for the breach server. It can be a hostile SCP, or allied to any other role that you wish. You are not restricted to what exists on the site for ideas(and in-fact we suggest you avoid the site for this one), go wild! Please read the following guidelines first, and ensure you follow them. There is also a suggested format included as well, but you don't have to use it. Just ensure that your submission is easy to read. All submissions should be made on this thread in posts. Please keep discussions unrelated to the contest to a minimum. If you wish to show your support for an idea, feel free to react to it with emotes. The contest winner will get themselves one month of VIP on the GFL breach server, as well as having their idea added to the server under the name SCP-Redacted(In order to avoid stepping on the toes of any additional scps written in the future). Please note that if we decide that none of the ideas submitted would be good for the server in terms of gameplay or server health, or for some other reason, we can choose to not add your idea to the server. Guidelines: 1. Make sure your suggestion is clear and easy to read. Proper grammar and spelling helps greatly in this, and in general makes it more appealing to read. 2. Please include a link to a model. As this is completely your own original ideas, finding a proper usable model should not be as difficult as it normally is. Please make sure your model is actually a player model however, as we can't make much use out of a Ragdoll or Prop. 3. Feel Free to link existing Gmod addons alongside your model and suggestion if they portray the kinds of abilities you would want your SCP to have. I would suggest making sure the add-ons in questions work properly in multiplayer and don't cause any issues however. 4. Try to avoid making your suggestion a SCP article that actually exists. If those are already good enough to be added to the server, they would likely be added on their own at some point. This contest should be focused around your independant ideas for what the abilities of a good playable role would be. 5. This is not a back story contest. While there is nothing stopping you from making some elaborate SCP article and submitting it as a contest entry, this is focused around the scp's abilities and functions, not what its backstory or story would be. 6. We will not accept obviously meme ideas, such as Sans, Pepsiman, or Donald Trump. I'm aware some of the SCPs on the server has reached meme status for the models they use(SCP-334) or by their very nature(SCP-3331 being John Cena), but I would like to avoid most of these for this contest. This does not mean you cannot submit a role that is intentionally on the silly side, but please keep it within limits and don't just suggest Big Chungus. 7. There is a limit of two submissions per person. Example Format: Name: [Redacted] Team: SCP Abilities: This scp kills people by eating their soul with right click. Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2079582791&searchtext= Additional Addons: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2083787628&searchtext= https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2085446862&searchtext=
  7. D-Speedrun Event

    D-SPEED EVENT Hello everyone! Starting Wednesday, May 6th at 12:00 AM CST, GFL Breach will begin hosting a speedrun event for the server. The event will end on Sunday, May 10th. Starting as D-Class, try to escape the facility in the fastest time possible. Please use the in-game screenshot ( F12 - default button) for further evidence of your time. There will be a bot in-game as well to track user timing, so don't forge your time! Some simple rules to follow: Do not forge your time with your screenshot, doing so will mean instant disqualification! Sabotaging a D-Class run is completely allowed, however targetted harassment is not. Doing so will disqualify you. To emphasize, doing it as a joke towards your friends is okay as long as they're okay with it Leaving a match & rejoining within time to spawn as D-Class is not allowed, being caught doing this will disqualify you. There must be at least 10 players on the server when the round begins for your escape to count Once your speed-run is completed, post a screen of your time in this thread or through Discord, Saizy#9796! The winning pool prizes goes as follows: [ 1st Place: $30 & 25,0000 Ingame Shop Points OR $30 Steam Giftcard ] [ 2nd Place: $20 $ 15,000 Ingame Shop Points OR $15 Steam Giftcard ] [ 3rd Place: $10 OR 10,000 Ingame Shop Points OR $10 Steam Giftcard ]

    Ok guys so I've seen all these other servers make these cool events that bring a ton of people on the server, so I was thinking, why don't we do one? I really think it would help our server, and maybe fill it for once. Breach was packed during the Christmas season with the "event" that happened, and that was just the managers adding a ton of skins. This thread is gonna be used as a suggestion for what we could do, or how those things could be accomplished, basically we're making an idea to present to the server managers for them to create. This is semi-serious, so if you're here to just fuck around then... IDK leave or something Thanks, I'm looking forward to see what we could do
  9. Site 28

    Site 28 "Site-28 is located in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City, New York, United States, and was initially established to contain SCP-602. Since then, this facility has been expanded into a full-fledged Foundation containment facility specializing in anomalous artwork and artifacts." (for reference - http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-602) Site-28 can be a map that surrounds an apartment complex. Anyone who enters the apartment complex gets attacked by SCP-602 but there is high rewards in the apartment building to make the effort worth it. I think a city-based site will be a change of fresh air. Any other alternative ideas will be fine, as GMod is quite limiting. I just think a new scenery change outside of a small town & barren landscape would be good. A lot of interesting ideas can come from this map.
  10. Another semi-joke suggestion that can go two ways. Brief Description: Mr.Fish is one of the little misters made by wondertainment. He is a man with a fish head for a head. That is all. He cannot breath underwater or talk to fish or any of the sort. He just has a fish head. Suggestion 1(The more 'fun/silly' one): Team: SCP Team Stats: 100 health Normal human walk and sprint speed Can use items and weapons same as a normal person Spawns with nothing Gameplay Description: Effectively a normal dude who happens to be on the SCP team. And has a fish head. As for actual benefits for gameplay, provides SCPs another way around opening gates, and a dude with a gun is still a dude with a gun and fairly dangerous in their own right.(Especially if they're working with the other scps). Basically old SCP-035 but without the complicated teaming rules and less health. And not spawning with any items.(Maybe he could spawn with items I guess). Edit: Plus hes the only scp, outside of a lucky serpent hand spawn or a scp-1471/689 god tier teleport, who could access and disable the nuke if the door is closed. Suggestion 2: A pointshop player model for D-class. The workshop addon with the model for SCP-527 features a d-class skin. Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1124162421&searchtext=SCP
  11. Hello! I wish to apologize for a lack of any actual communication in regards to the suggestion bot in the discord channel. The bot is kinda disorganized, and there was a lot of spam. Regardless, in order to deal with this, I've made this thread. Monthly(From now on, the first posts are a bit of a mix from several months), i'll be adding a new post to this thread and discussing the suggestions posted that month. I will only cover non-meme suggestions, and suggestions that are still relevant. Suggestions with more downvotes than upvotes will not be covered unless it is related to adding a SCP, as those merit a bit more of a discussion, or if the number of upvotes/downvotes are close together. Note, this is only my opinion, and not the opinion of other server managers. "Add MTF SCP-076 back"(Welsh Wildlife Lover): I would rather remove Omega-9 all together. While it is cool to have a reference to one of the most infamous MTF and sideplots on the site, it led to weird situations like having two 076s in the game at once, and the MTF 076 tended to suck horribly as it couldn't respawn and didnt have immunity to SCP melee kills despite being only having a shitty sword. SCp-073 is such a terrible replacement in of making literally no sense and being boring. At some point I wouldn't mind another redo of 076 so hes actually using his correct 'sword' instead of a random Katana. Revert Anti-Bhop Fix(Sir ButterToast, various others): Yes. Make mapvotes less frequent(Various): General response to all suggestions related to this: it sounds like a good idea on paper, but reducing or removing automated mapvotes has a bad habit of causing the server to get trapped in an infinite cycle of Site-19. While I understand there is very mixed opinions on maps that aren't site-19(im not particularly fond of Site02 or Site14 myself), a lot of people are just plain fed up of playing on the same exact map constantly, and currently Site-19 is still always voted in whenever it is an option. This feels like a vocal minority versus a silent majority situation, as there is plenty of people who enjoy other maps who aren't on the Discord or Forum. GET A BETTER SUGGESTION BOT THIS ONE IS SHIT(Banjo): I dont really mess around with Discord much, and i dont know if there is a better Suggestion bot, but I do agree the current one is kinda awful for keeping track of suggestions when it starts getting flooded with suggestions, even if its not junk suggestions that just take space(BUCKET TRUCK). Its why im using the forum for this to keep better track of responses to suggestions. MY OWN VERSION OF THREAT LEVELS(Various): Any kind of work regarding Threat Levels or alternative forms of 'spawn management', we are certainly interested in attempting to impliment such a system, however it will be a while before any visual progress on this front will be seen and revealed to the community. Such a feature requires a massive rewrite of a core chunk of the Gamemode's code, and as such requires a lot of work and time investment. Add the 914 Super Fine Buff back again: If this was removed, this was related to a GMod update or a update to the base map, and not something done on our end(far as im aware). Otherwise, I would be against the re-addition of this feature due to the sheer amount of bugs it caused with people keeping the buff permamently over mutiple rounds, and having little practical use outside of the buff. "SCP-239 WITCH CHILD(Miguel the Mammoth King): No. SCP-239 is of itself a poorly written SCP. There is a good reason it was used as the kick off point for a site revamp on writing standards and an early wipe of various mary sue stuff that was floating around at the time. Writing quality aside, this suggestion was repeatedly spammed by PM to Duc, and has gotten annoying at this point. Its not a particularly good suggestion, as its very generic and a lame use of a Reality Warper with the gimmick of 'only casting spells she believes she is able to'. Additionally, aggressively stating 'DON'T THROW GMOD LIMITS AT US', is not a good way to make us want to read a suggestion that also additionally had terrible formatting. Also this is just a lame attempt to get your Touhou waifu into the game. Buff X weapon(Various): Weapon balance changes have been put on hold due to getting dramatic and varied responses whenever weapon changes were done, like last year with attempts to revert guns back to their previous state/stats after people complained. Additionally, simply stating 'BUFF THIS AND BUFF THIS' is not particularly useful feedback. It doesn't help point out why the weapon needs a buff or a nerf, nor does it suggest a potential fix. Additional Max ammo to balance out SCP resistance(StarAura): Yes, this is why i removed it originally, among other things. Damage resistance is effectively just additional health added to SCPs to make them bulletsponges, which in particular reacts poorly to scps intended to have super low health, AND scps intended to have super high health. People repeatedly requested to add it back, and so it was. I will admit my attempts to just boost SCP hp to avoid having a balance problem with individual scps caused by a global damage modifier failed due to it causing weird crashes(likely some kind of overflow error?), so I don't have a good alternative currently. We'll be looking into possibly adding additional ammo, but worried this could quickly spiral out of control. SCP-023 The Black Wolf(Miguel the Mammoth King): I understand a lot of scps need slight adaptations to abilities if they were to ever be a viable addition(Example: SCP-049). However, changing a SCP whos gimmick is killing loved ones in an unrelated accident a year after viewing to killing the person after a minute if they look at 023 is not a good conversion and loses the flavor of the SCP. Additionally this would be an incredibly unfun mechanic regardless if SCP-023 is killed during this time period, for both SCP-023 and the players. SCP-023 doesnt get to do anything except sit there and get pummeled or attempt to run away as people die, feeling like they didn't have any actual impact on how anything goes, and the people get frustrated as its a guarateed instant death for them they can't do anything about. Note: No, we wont be adding a gun that shoots backwards(StarAura). Fun idea for a 914 upgrade at some point. Playable SCP-008-1(Miguel the Mammoth King): The suggestion is literally just SCP-610 with additional fire damage, and being able to actually defend itself outside of a timed infection. So no, this won't be added. If SCP-008-1 ever gets added in some form, it would have to be after some kind of SCP Spawn management system rewrite is implimented. Pizza Guys Task force(Miguel the Mammoth King): This particular suggestion is a no, straight up. However, the surprisingly large amount of upvotes(Even if it also had a sizable amount of downvotes) does lead me to be more open to the idea of openly silly MTF references(Begone Thot stands out as a big possibility, as does the Cyborg Shark Punchers). BubbleGun Just for Fun(Welsh Wildlife Lover): Im not a big fan of the one round items, and I believe there was some issues when attempting to add this particular one in the past. Im not 100% sure, as Duc handles pointshop content currently. Permanent Items in Pointshop(Various): No. Im 100% against this as this tends to ruin the flow of gameplay, as well as being a blatantly pay to win feature(or play to grind to win feature) due to VIP and additional ranks getting faster Pointshop points. Add SCP-1000(Myfu): While suggestion was worded as 'ADD BIG FOOT BABY', I'll assume he meant SCP-1000, Bigfoot. This is an example of a bad suggestion, especially when it comes to requesting additional scps, as it doesnt give any general idea as to what SCP-1000 should do, or even properly state which SCP it is. I would not be against SCP-1000 if someone has a good suggestion forit, however SCP-1000 does have a small problem of being rather devoid of any actual powers. SCP-040 Evolution's Child(Miguel the Mammoth King): Again, has terrible grammar and formatting making it difficult to actually read. Ignoring that, it doesnt state what the "pets" should do, just that she has them. SCP-040 is a bit of a weird case of scp to add, as it works by simply looking at someone and instantly transforming them into a monster. While this opens a lot of possiblities for potential monsters/pets for her to spawn, it also means its difficult to adapt her while still being enough SCP-040. Making it a click instead of looking at people just makes her SCP-049 with differnt zombies. Might be added if a spawn management system for scps is finished. Add back SCP-1799 with laugh removed(Greyh): No. SCP-1799 was notably a terrible SCP, in both that it didnt have anything related to the actual SCP or article outside of the Laugh(which was done in an akward way), and that it was also really boring to play, being just a dude with high health and a revolver. SCP-1799 might come back with a redesign at some point, but not in the near future. Re-add SCP-323(Toaster Sam Howell) SCp-323 had severe gameplay issues regarding the skull blocking important doors for the entire duration of the round. if SCP-323 would be re-added, it would need a mechanic to destroy the skull. Additionally, outside of the Skull Gimmick SCP-323 didnt od anything interesting, and infact could be frustrating to play as health tended to rapidly drain. Event that chooses the top 5-10 suggestions of the past month from here and the forums and add them(Carthing): No, because this would require adding some suggestions that are either not possible or unhealthy for the server as a whole. Additionally, it is vague as to what would count as a 'top 10' when including forum posts. I am willing to make this thread a monthly thing in the future, though. Lower SCP-079 Health(Myfu): I believe his health is so high as to give a chance for other SCPs to come to his aid, as well as his traps in his room, even if they are on the weak side currently due to the control room being a safe spot. I don't feel like reducing his HP currently without other changes would be a good idea, and this would just be a direct nerf to SCP-079. Fix SCP-939's Friendly Tag(Exhaustive): Sure, as soon as I am able to. I've been trying to work on how to solve this for a while, but it gave me a bit of a headache. While i would also love to redo 939 at some point, as it currently is way too different from what SCP-939 is supposed to be, this is a bug fix that would greatly help. Bounty Feature(Various): Im a bit against this as this dramatically alters the focus and flow of the gameplay if such a feature is implimented, as well as not making much sense in the context of the gamemode. However, I do know Duc is onboard with this idea, or was at some point. Regardless, this feature also requires quite a bit of work to get functioning. Fix SCP-378(Various): Will be done once the cause of his issue is discovered. Buff SCP-1471(Various): Scp-1471 is one of the SCps i would most want to remove. Has nothing in common with the actual SCp or article outside of its model and 'only certain people see it', mechanic, and has bee notably one of the worst SCPs on the entire server, as well as leading to several cheap deaths via being in an elevator when it randomly targets you for a teleport. I am currently holding off on Buffs for SCP-1471 for this reason. SCP-3108 Nerf gun(Various): A very popular item scp suggestion, mostly involving the idea that it disables SCP abilities or reduces health. My main issues with this suggestion is both balance related problems, and the fact that it has barely anything to do with the actual SCP.(Original one transforms you into something the viewer sees as worse, not just make you weaker). Fix SCP-173(Various): Scp-173's problems are core to both the gamemode, how he was coded, and issues with netcode and Blink interactions. SCP-173 is actually high on a list of SCPS to be be potentially replaced, and nearly was until his replacement ran into issues. Custom TFO Models for Pointshop(Various): Up to Duc, but I remember hearing that custom models for TFO tend to work weirdly due to how equipped armor already changes the model, and TRO/MTF spawning with armor on. SCP-622(Exhaustive): Actually a bit of a neat idea. While the original SCP-622 is exclusively a spray and possibly lasts nearly forever(and a long period of time), i could see some rational behind one exploding due to some kind of home-made fuse and only lasting a few seconds. A DOT grenade that causes the radius to slow is also cool. I might end up doing something with this. Special Round where SCPs access intercom(StarAura): No. Just intended as a Grief round and would also be a bit of a pain to ensure it didnt cause bugs that carried over to other rounds for little to no benefit. 610 root infection show popup(MiraiHurricane): Despite having 1 more downvote than upvote, I am onboard with this idea, as deaths via infection from SCP-610 roots feels incredibly cheap and random, ontop of the random chance to get infected by the root and ability to be infected by a root you didn't see through a door or wall. SCP-1832(StarAura): Doesnt make the most sense for SCP-1832 to be researcher-sided due to the nature of ability and personality, but he is a cool potential SCP to add at some point for a D-class spawn(or even SCP spawn). Bring back point notifications in chat(Myfu): If it is doable, sure. I believe the notifiations were removed to prevent chat spam, however, as it lead to difficulty in reading chat messages at times. I'll look into it. SCP-187(StarAura): SCP-187's ability is incredibly difficult to actually impliment, and seeing objects through walls is not a particularly good way of doing so. Likely not going to be added due to akward ability. Ability to Gas D-BLock(Various): Various suggestions of this sort have bene made since Secret Lab added the feature. I dont think this is a good idea to add to breach,as the main driving motiviation for this change is people upset at afk d-class and occasionally an afk scp. This would cause more problems than it solves. SCP-1022(StarAura): Practical use of item is basically null as SCP-020 is the only bacteria related SCP in the game, and it doesnt even make sense for SCP-1022 to affect it(020 is invisible, not microscopic). SCP-1021(StarAura): No. Would only be implimented if a map is ever added that features a Cinema for some reason. Special Round: Out of the Bag(StarAura): Basically just spawns cat scps only. Might be fun i guess, but very limited in scope and likely get old fast. SCP-187 older(StarAura): This is much better in regards to functionality, however it doesnt make much sense she would know Dr.Maynard or 939 due to 'lack of severe differences'. Still likely wont be added. Reduce Medkit Heal time(Welsh Wildlife Lover): Maybe. Im not sure if it would be a good idea due to the intended purpose of the medkit changes, but i'll consider experimenting with it at some point. SCP-183(StarAura): Invisible Spider(Or person I guess) that lays invisible spider web that deal damage. Neat idea. People might not like the feeling of getting randomly killed by invisible objects, so the web might end up disappearing after 3 minutes for balance reasons/anti-frustration features(Im willing to speed up several hours to 3 minutes for gameplay). Worth looking into at some point in the future. Buff SCP-457(Various): Been on my plate a while, is not currently a priority, but is something i plan to look into. Add Back exploding Melon(StarAura): No. Caused too much griefing and was a popular choice of SCP-939 related abuse. Plus its not a real SCP in the first place, and the number used for it has been taken. SCP-1097(StarAura): Cloning mechanic as suggested is not particularly good or accurate to the original article, however it does offer potential as a hostile SCP with a weird gimmick at some point down the line. SCP-049 Special Rounds(StarAura): Wait, those were removed? SCP-230(StarAura): Not particularly accurate to SCP-230's abilities. SCP-230 is a weird SCP due to his abilities, and difficulty in ensuring people don't 'cheese' his aura effect. SCP-262(Various): Difficult to add as an intentional power-up due to 'multiple arms'. Might actually serve better as a hostile SCP due to its behavior when it obtains or is placed on a dead corpse. SCP-990(Various): while I'm all for a fun spectator role that impacts the round indirectly, SCP-990 is a bit of a weird one to use for this purpose due to his nature of only appearing to people in their dreams. SCP-170(StarAura): Difficult to impliment and not particularly interesting for gameplay, plus numberous potential issues and bugs. SCP-3881(StarAura): Not accurate to the behavior of SCP-3881. SCp-3881's behavior means it will be incredibly unlikely to be added to the game unless a map with the area in question was added. SCP-182(StarAura): Main issue with this suggestion is that SCP-182 is Blind and Deaf. However, SCP-182 might be an interesting hostile SCP of sorts due to the incident log when he was sedated. SCP-991(StarAura): Main issue is that SCP-991 is known to cause brain damage in those who use it to 'donate' memories, and 50 damage doesnt seem a very good way of showcasing that. Additionally, potential teaming issues and gameplay issues caused by this item existance is huge. There is already a lot of problems with SCP-049 and SCP-500 in this regard. SCP-181(StarAura): If enough 'RANDOM' events with a mix of postitive and negative results end up being added, then SCP-181 could be a fun addition. As it is currently however, there is not enough mechanics that SCP-181 interacts with. SCP-2288(StarAura): While a fun idea, SCP-2288 doesnt actually ragdoll in their article, just generates a dead corpse of themselves. Might consider it regardless. SCP-2396(StarAura): SCP-2396 is already an idea i had in mind to experiment with, but most certainly not as a Chaos Insurgency allied Researcher. SCP-2586(StarAura): Is not a glove but a GAW Little Mister. Might be fun as a scp if spawn management is introduced. SCP-999 Healing Nerf(Star Aura): I do feel SCP-999 needs a major nerf or removal but past responses to such behavior resulted in mass Out-rage. Additionally, SCP-999's main issue is not its heal, but its ability to essentially turn any SCP it wants into a sitting duck to get mowed down en-mass. SCP-912(Various): I dont know why literally everyone has a desire to turn this into an item or a MTF guard. It is a sapient floating set of Police Armor armed with a Baton that does not understand any kind of context behind actions and is known for massive amounts of police brutality. If anything, 912 would be a hostile SCP, as it reacts to people holding guns as a crime, and attempting to even touch the cracks in its armor has caused it to assault multiple people.
  12. hey guys i wanna know what SCPs you want on SCP containment breach 2 if developer make SCP : CB 2 i want SCPs on SCP : CB 2 is a : SCPs Creatures SCP-040 - Evolution's Child SCP-053 - Young Girl SCP-054 - Water Nymph SCP-070 - Iron Wings SCP-073 - "Cain" SCP-076 - "Able" SCP-085 - Hand-drawn ''Cassy'' SCP-030 - The Homunculus SCP-105 - "Iris" SCP-111 - Dragon-Snails™ SCP-134 - Star-Eyed Child SCP-191 - Cyborg Child SCP-208 - "Bes" SCP-239 - The Witch Child SCP-237 - Self-Made Man SCP-317 - Cretaceous Physicist SCP-334 - Stellar Vulpine SCP-336 - "Lilith" SCP-346 - "Pterry" the Pterodactyl SCP-347 - The Invisible Woman SCP-408 - Illusory Butterflies SCP-422 - Patchwork Beast SCP-527 - Mr. Fish SCP-529 - Josie the Half-Cat SCP-187 - Double Vision SCP-179 - Sauelsuesor SCP-747 - Children and Dolls SCP-805 - Poison Wood Foal SCP-808 - The Mechanical Choir SCP-811 - Swamp Woman SCP-899 - Lost Children SCP-912 - Autonomous SWAT Armor SCP-953 - Polymorphic Humanoid SCP-956 - The Child-Breaker SCP-963 - Immortality SCP-131 - The "Eye Pods" SCP-999 - The Tickle Monster SCP-1000 - Bigfoot SCP-017 - Shadow Person SCP-1005 - The Painted Man SCP-753 - Automatic Artist SCP-1054 - The 'Garden' Gnome SCP-126 - Invisible Friend SCP-166 - Teenage Succubus SCP-1111 - The White Dog SCP-1154 - Conceptual Dragon SCP-1156 - Wellington the Wonder Horse SCP-1166 - Perfect Lab Specimen SCP-1167 - Disembodied Robot Head SCP-1316 - Lucy the Kitten Feline Espionage Device SCP-1471 - MalO ver1.0.0 SCP-1530 - A Bender's Friends SCP-1338 - Child of Trees SCP-1802 - "Skip" SCP-492 - Animated Cloth Dummy SCP-507 - Reluctant Dimension Hopper SCP-1867 - A Gentleman SCP-1903 - Jackie's Secret SCP-1619 - Site-45-C: Floor 24 SCP-1913 - The Furies SCP-2019 - Gelatinous Brain Cube SCP-2014 - Zsar Magoth SCP-2045 - Ambulatory Molasses Generator SCP-2050 - Sciurine Crusaders SCP-2053 - Paternal Rubik's Cube SCP-2085 - The Black Rabbit Company SCP-2089 - /john/ SCP-2091 - A Bear and His Granddaughter SCP-2101 - The Imperial Army SCP-277 - Chalkland SCP-2115 - Meet Other People SCP-2118 - The Lost Child SCP-2192 - "Milaya," the Atomic Child SCP-2241 - Cameron The Crusader SCP-2255 - The Most Interesting Rainstorm in the World SCP-2256 - Very Tall Things SCP-2258 - The Great Escape SCP-2281 - Backseat Driver SCP-2295 - The Bear with a Heart of Patchwork SCP-2300 - Periodic Golems SCP-2331 - SCRAVECROW SCP-2332 - Thought Messenger SCP-2337 - "Dr. Spanko" SCP-2338 - An Unorthodox Adoption SCP-2339 - Bumblebee Philharmonic Orchestra SCP-1281 - The Harbinger SCP-1991 - Cybernetically Enhanced Mammalian SCP-1793 - A Happy Bunny SCP-2404 - Enki & Enki SCP-2417 - Gods, the Universes, and Origami SCP-1765 - Sisters SCP-231 - Special Personnel Requirements SCP-284 - The Twins SCP-590 - He Feels Your Pain SCP-321 - Child of Man SCP-2506 - Niles is a Fixer SCP-2598 - Traveling Moth Salesman SCP-2599 - Not Good Enough SCP-387 - Living Lego SCP-2662 - cthulhu f'UCK OFF! SCP-2721 - Eli and Lyris SCP-2820 - Vaishnavastra SCP-2829 - Liposlugtion SCP-2845 - THE DEER SCP-2317 - A Door to Another World SCP-2902 - The Human Skeleton Closet (and his cat) SCP-2999 - The Black Cat and the White Rabbit SCP-160 - Predator Drone SCP-168 - Sentient Calculator SCP-203 - Tortured Iron Soul SCP-204 - The Protector SCP-200 - Chrysalis SCP-3000 - Ananteshesha SCP-3002 - Attempts to Assassinate Thought SCP-4000 - Taboo SCP-2792 - Sarah Snow Rabbit SCP-2909 - The Kind Of Neverland One Never Wishes For SCP-3473 - The Son of the Sun SCP-3082 - Neverland's Lost Boys and Girls SCP-3530 - Shooting Star School SCP-3677 - Paradix High School: Paradise for the Paranormal SCP-4818 - I Need A Hero SCP-2800 - Cactusman SCP-3883 - Dildos Have Dreams Too SCP-1370 - Pesterbot SCP-2579 - Grail's Dancing Bears SCP-2895 - Stingy SCP-2547 - Dog Days Of Summer SCP-2863 - がしゃどくろ SCP-2744 - てるてるネコちゃん SCP-1845 - Animal Kingdom SCP-2292 - Gorilla beringei necromantiae SCP-2368 - Across the Water SCP-1902 - Amnesiac Deity of the Wastes SCP-1284 - The Moon's Child Bride SCP-4166 - (Former) Teenage Succubus SCPs Object SCP-006 - Fountain of Youth SCP-016 - Sentient Micro-Organism SCP-018 - Super Ball SCP-037 - Dwarf Star SCP-038 - The Everything Tree SCP-044 - World War II Era Molecular-Fission Cannon SCP-047 - Microbial Mutagen SCP-052 - Time-Traveling Train SCP-059 - Radioactive Mineral SCP-063 - "The World's Best TothBrush" SCP-067 - The Artist's Pen SCP-117 - Complete Multitool SCP-123 - Contained Miniature Black Hole SCP-124 - Fertile Soil SCP-127 - The Living Gun SCP-140 - An Incomplete Chronicle SCP-151 - The Painting SCP-184 - The Architect SCP-201 - The Empty World SCP-214 - Hemotopian Virus SCP-216 - The Safe SCP-217 - The Clockwork Virus SCP-232 - Jack Proton's Atomic Zapper SCP-243 - Animation SCP-244 - Ice Fog Jar SCP-248 - 110% SCP-261 - Pan-Dimensional Vending SCP-300 - "A World in a Bottle" SCP-322 - "Grow Your Own Castle" Kit SCP-674 - The Exposition Gun SCP-662 - Butler's Hand Bell SCP-698 - Judgmental Turtle SCP-458 - The Never-Ending Pizza Box SCP-1990 - Mediocre Wish Granter Anderson Robotic SCP-5128 - The Source SCP-4218 - www.alexylvauniversity.███ SCP-3483 - The AI Who Loved Me SCP-5560 - Corvus Series Pocket Prophet SCP-2906 - & SCP-4725 - The Insurgency's Solution SCP-4760 - An Eye for an Eye SCP-3613 - Things You People Wouldn't Believe SCP-3860 - The Falcon's Landing SCP-2873 - Another Human Weapon SCP-2806 - We Have the Technology SCP-3960 - Best Friends Forever SCP-3560 - All Robots go to Limbo SCP-2522 - hatbot.aic SCP-2306 - Revenant AI SCP-2987 - Invictus SCP-4011 - History is Written by the Victors SCP-1360 - PSHUD #31 Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting SCP-1834 SCP-1860 SCP-1884 SCP-1956 SCP-2094 SCP-2210 SCP-2902 SCP-2912 SCP-3036 SCP-3245 SCP-4114 SCP-4409 SCP-5335 SCP-5500 SCP-1695 SCP-190 SCP-1921 SCP-1931 SCP-2024 SCP-3077 SCP-3329 SCP-3440 SCP-3717 SCP-3718 SCP-3886 SCP-4292 SCP-4459 SCP-4743 SCP-5555 The Church of the Broken God SCP-4561 SCP-ES-029 SCP-4568 SCP-3826 SCP-1037 SCP-5128 SCP-5317 SCP-4060 SCP-3503 SCP-4565 SCP-5231 SCP-5225 SCP-271 SCP-3391 SCP-3341 SCP-3859 SCP-4558 SCP-3777 SCP-4223 SCP-2688 SCP-1917 SCP-5008 SCP-813 SCP-2783 SCP-2919 SCP-4612 SCP-2005 SCP-3882 SCP-4017 SCP-4882 SCP-4688 SCP-2342 SCP-3179 SCP-3444 SCP-3434 SCP-2105 SCP-2847 SCP-3221 SCP-3813 SCP-4547 SCP-2309 SCP-2307 SCP-1461 SCP-2844 SCP-4485 SCP-475 SCP-808 SCP-2474 SCP-1564 SCP-3477 SCP-4800 SCP-1139 SCP-3856 SCP-2360 SCP-2522 SCP-2660 SCP-2481 SCP-3989 SCP-5555 SCP-404-J SCP-629 SCP-2406 SCP-4100 SCP-2217 SCP-217 TwistedGears-Kaktus Proposal SCP-882 SCP-5000 Doctor Wondertainment CODE NAME: Jim North - A Simple Toymaker SCP-009-J SCP-1007 SCP-1068 SCP-1079 SCP-1103 SCP-111 SCP-1194 SCP-1224 SCP-1373 SCP-1508 SCP-1544 SCP-1550 SCP-1553 SCP-1564 SCP-1642 SCP-1696 SCP-1799 SCP-1842 SCP-1908 SCP-1916 SCP-1938 SCP-1997 SCP-2057 SCP-2148 SCP-2201 SCP-2210 SCP-2228 SCP-2284 SCP-2287 SCP-2356 SCP-2396 SCP-2428 SCP-2445 SCP-2514 SCP-2757 SCP-2795 SCP-2855 SCP-2923 SCP-2933 SCP-2983 SCP-2991 SCP-3147 SCP-3301 SCP-3537 SCP-3551 SCP-3585 SCP-3871 SCP-3879 SCP-3938 SCP-3992 SCP-4046 SCP-4110 SCP-4118 SCP-4139 SCP-4225 SCP-4390 SCP-445 SCP-445-EX SCP-4468 SCP-4493 SCP-4640 SCP-4714 SCP-4745 SCP-4876 SCP-4890 SCP-4949 SCP-4982 SCP-5128 SCP-527 SCP-549 SCP-5500 SCP-5555 SCP-591 SCP-609 SCP-629 SCP-644 SCP-846 SCP-905 SCP-909 SCP-913 SCP-917 SCP-920 SCP-949 SCP-958 SCP-PU1P-J SCP-V1L3-J SCPs Country SCP-020-JP SCP-054-FR SCP-096-FR SCP-288-FR SCP-1019-JP SCP-CN-305 SCP-CN-382 SCP-CN-556 SCP-CN-049 what do you think guys what SCPs you want on game?
  13. Greeting folks. Due to a influx of posts and pms related to this, I felt I have to address this. Please, do not suggest deleted SCP articles or articles likely to be deleted(heavily in the negatives). We will not add Deleted SCP articles. We do not want our server to become the 'place people try to shove their badly written crap onto before they're removed from the site forever'. Also, do not try to get people to reupload deleted SCP articles on this site. Outside of the fact this is a gaming forum that has a server that happens to have a gamemode based on the SCP Foundation Website, we have no ties to the website of any sort. Additionally, reuploading someone else's work from the SCP foundation site is both potentially illegal and is against the site's rules. Generally there is a very good reason why an article was deleted, and that's because it was rated poorly. If it was rated poorly, its because it was poorly written or in incredibly poor taste. We do not want to flood the SCP Foundation Site with reuploads of the same article they just deleted over and over again just because you thought it was good. We do not want to spark Bad blood with the site's community. There is enough Bad Blood with 'scp' communites outside of the original site already, we don't need more.
  14. Hey folks. I felt it would be nice to have some kind of rules set-up for the suggestion forums, in order to better clarify what the server managers are hoping to see in the suggestions. Please, don't take this as a personal insult or anything if you feel like one of your previous posts or threads violated one of these rules, there will not be any kind of forum ban or punishment. These are mainly guidelines, and suggestions that don't follow these guidelines are likely to be ignored. 1. Please make sure your post is legible. We are likely to gloss over your idea if its written with incredibly poor English and grammar, and is a giant wall of text that is difficult to read. I understand that English is not everyone's first language, but the very least you can do is attempt to space it out so it is easier to read. 2. This place is for suggestions only. You're free to comment on suggestions, but any actual threads posted here should be relevant and a suggestion of some sort. Do not try to derail someone else's thread by posting your own suggestions there either, unless it is related to ideas on how to improve the post or suggestion. This helps keep the section organized and clean. Please note that posts that don't belong in suggestions will likely be moved to General or Hidden. 3. I mentioned this in the other pinned thread, but I'll put a brief version of it here. Please, do not suggest deleted SCP articles in the suggestions. They will not be added, and they will remain ignored. 4. When directly suggesting a SCP from an article or tale, please try to keep it as accurate to the article as possible. There has been many suggestions, both in this forum and on the discord, that had nothing in common with the original SCP article that it is based on except for the name. An example would be taking a Canteen that has an infinite amount of water inside it, and attempting to make it a playable SCP that teleports people into the ocean to drown them and can shapeshift. This does not mean, however, you can't suggest the Canteen as an item that can be used as a weapon by flooding rooms(We wouldn't be able to do such a thing, its just an example). 5. If your suggestion is directly based on a specific SCP article or tale, it is very helpful if you provide a link to the original article or tale. This allows easy access to verify that the suggestion is related and not something you made up on the spot, and helps catch attention, especially if the article or tale is particularly interesting to read as well. 6. While this is not mandatory, it greatly boosts your chances of getting an addition to the server added if you can provide a link to a model or addon that would serve to help make the SCP. Models is one of the hardest things to find in regards to playable SCP or other role suggestions, and having one available is a massive boon.
  15. I know it sounds a little crazy due to breach being a mostly close-quarters type of gamemode, but i think it would be best be used as a last ditch attempt method against scp's that are on the surface. What I mean is we get a sniper riffle like the CSGO AWP that on average does 400 damage for shot. To compensate for this tremendous damage, either a special role like newly spawned MTF, CI, or Serpents hand has one Sniper unit, or only 1 AWP is spawned naturally on the map. In addition, there are only 20 bullets in the gun with no additional ammo located on the map as it will use sniper ammo, not rifle, smg, etc. It will also come unloaded, taking 10 seconds to put a maximum of 1 bullet in the chamber like the current R8 Revolver. Finally as it is a rather large weapon, it will make the player have the slowest movement speed in the game when equipped, so they can't really run and gun with it. This gun would reward players with good aim and timing on when to use the gun for massive amounts of damage in a last ditch attempt to pacify enemy players/scp and i'd think it would be fun.
  16. scp-1730

    ok so we all remember that LARGE map that was 1730 right? well since its been removed from breach i miss oddly despite the fact i complained about it a lot. so today i decided to play it on single player in GMOD. unfortunately its not in my maps anymore so what i ask is this. does anyone have the workshop add on anymore or is it lost to time?
  17. Okay, so I found this game on TV Tropes (yes, that TV Tropes) and it hasn't been active for at least 5/6 months, so why not revive it? The rules are simple: someone from the top will say an item, like a doll, and then say what setting, from rough, coarse, 1:1, fine and very fine, and then the person below will say the output while putting in something of their own. Here an example: User: INPUT: A metal spoon, Very Fine Next User: OUTPUT: A spoon that bends when you look at it. Input: a DVD of star trek. Fine. And the list goes on. My item: A Medival sword, a full skeleton, Very Fine Edit: I forgot to mention this, the output has to be related in some way to the input. Just forgot to clear that up. Edit 2: You also could add all the settings to one item.
  18. SCP-106 ability

    As a right click ability, 106 will teleport to another player, 106 will be stunned for 1 second when teleported to someone. Cooldown: 1 min BUT INDO is it lore friendly? I do not know, I got the idea from SCP CB since he can pop out of the floor in that game. BUT INDO if he can teleport to players, he would get a easy escape with the ntf! *cough* *cough* MALO
  19. HI folks! This is a thread to suggest ideas for 914 upgrades for items. Currently 914 only upgrades keycards and heals people when used on Fine, with little to no interaction with other items(I think snav becomes snav ult?). We want to change that in the future eventually, and figured It would be nice to listen to your ideas. Suggest an upgrade to any item you want. This includes scp items that are currently on the server. The only exception is SCP-500 as it is obvious what that would eventually end up upgrading to. We probably will not accept upgrading an item into an existing SCP item though(Example: upgrading 207 into 1863). Feel free to mention the setting that should trigger the upgrade.
  20. ok lets face t breach is dying fast. the last time i saw it above 8 players was Sunday which was 20ish players. now maybe this really is just school and people just have time to play on the weekends.now i haven't been on breach long enough to truly understand what will bring people in but i may have a dumb idea. i remember someone saying breach needed new dedicated players but he problem is there is not much reward for being dedicated to this server. you see if you have points as a member you can purchase like 7 skins unless your a vip but the thing is i dont see a lot of vips on breach. so instead of making people pay for the opportunity to earn skins maybe we should let people earn the ability to buy skins based on the time the play on the server. you know the thing on the top left corner that shows your rank based on how long you played? we could use that as a means to make players want o come back. the way it would work is this someone regardless if the area member vip or user could purchase exclusive skins with points based on the time they played. vips would still get vip exclusive skins. alright im done talking this probably wont work but i have no ideas right now
  21. i thought since i hear whining about special rounds every day why not collect data on the ones we hate the most and how to improve them?
  22. So more recently more I keep hearing complaints about breach and I believe these should be addressed that users and admins have made I've compiled a list down below maybe their trite reasons, maybe they have merit. I have my own input on these topics though feedback is appreciated. Please note these AREN'T MY THOUGHTS rather what I think the main complaints revolve around based on what I read from time to time. 1. Support for Breach is Waning (supposedly) So this one I here most commonly or at least I hear derivatives with users and members saying the server is not as populated at it once love and that this was linked to various reason as breach "not being as popular" or that server was "raided" or "admins were inactive" as well as some reasons that are touched upon later. 2. The Playerbase & Staff So apparently the staff and playerbase is not the same demographic as it used to be. Certain things change with time though apparently the playerbase according to some has become a "cesspit" or a "cancer" and its driving the "wanted" base/staff away. I've gotten complaints about "certain restrictions" put in place by the site manager after certain admins abused a said command even though said admins are gone the restriction has not been lifted and "probably never will." 3. In game content Received a few complaints now and again about the guns with them being a "shoot and kill" or "OP" and that the "old guns" should be implemented. Have also received complaints about their being "too many scps" or the "wrong scps" complaint revolve around 160, 2845, 011, 1799 and 020 mostly. Whether be it bugs (mostly about 020) or power of said SCPs. 4. Breach has become "torpid" By this I've heard complaints that the new content and staff added "aren't as good" or "desirable" as the previous staff, the new content added isn't "as good" as the initial content, changes made don't seem "as good" basically put decisions made don't seem to be with "vigor" in mind thus have the ideas of the last few months to a year seem "torpid". Thus this final reason being a compilation of the previous. Thus I ask does this still hold true?
  23. Quite simple. This is just a list of changes and fixes breach desperately needs right now. Fix 079's 939 spawn so it no longer spawns in the ceiling. It is infuriating that this happens and there is not always an admin on with the ability to teleport out the stuck player. Remove SCP-160. No one enjoys playing it, and it has so many issues with it(Terrible controls, lack of audio, glitchy area portals, etc) that i dont think its salvageable without a complete redo from the ground-up. Reduce the DR on Scps. It still feels way too high. SCps should be hard to kill, but not to the current level they are now. In return, nerf Mu-7's horrid machine guns. Nerf 268. Make it cost 5 health a second or something. Its currently way too strong and frustrating. If need be after the DR nerf, buff the TFO sniper class or remove it all together. It is the second worst TFO class to spawn as and has the worst DPS against scps and struggles against human players as well, ontop of not being able to pick up additional ammo and almost no benefit to having a long range sniper rifle. Buff the Flamethrower in general as its the worst weapon in the game. Requires too close ofa range to use and requires pinpoint accuracy even at close range for little to no benefit over using another gun. Buff the Knife so it actually has a reason to be used. Up it's damage or something, or add in its actual intended ability. Fix site61's pitfall problem. Way too easy to rush D-class spawn with little to no downsides. Adjust 011's gun to only have one shot in the gun at once. The way it currently is makes no logical sense and makes him frustrating as all hell to play against. Nerf SCP-2845's health. The weapons slowing down movement speed really caused this SCP to go from garbage to fantastic combined with the DR. Dr nerf might be enough by itself, however. Do something about the body snatcher scp. Nerf its Hp again, nerf its speed, nerf its damage, do something. Its by far the strongest scp in the entire game and no one likes fighting it.
  24. ROUND NAME:earape DETAILS:basicly its a normal round except all the scps are 066 and they can speak on the mic when they use their attack hence the round name earape. they are allowed to mic spam and earape during this time as long as it dosent get to excessive. this round is meant more as a joke than an actual round.
  25. When it comes down to it, D Class do not have much diversity as the Officers. Tactical Response Officers have snipers, pyro units, medics, and even a commander. The D Class only have SCP-035. Not much distinction there for the biggest pool of players every round. But what if the D Class had another special spawn? Something that would spice things up for the D Class and entire round in general. I'm thinking that something is Class D #9341. D-9341 So D-9341 is the character you play as in the SCP Containment Breach game. His origins are mostly unknown. We know that his actual name is Benjamin Oliver Walker. He was formally a researcher, and he was demoted to D-Class after looking into something called The Spiral Gestalt. What makes Ben special from other D Class is his special mysterious powers. These powers seemed to appear from nowhere when the Breach occurred,but damn if they didn't help D-9341 escape. What are these mysterious powers? Well, it is simply the power to SAVE and LOAD of course! The ability to SAVE let's you set a respawn point. LOAD is what lets you respawn to that SAVE point when you die. Simple gamer stuff. But how could that be implemented? SCP-079 can set a teleportation point wherever on the map, so it should be feasible to use the same ability somewhat to set where you respawn. A timer can be implemented as well to keep D-9341 from using it wildly and unstrategically. These SAVEs should also be able to let you respawn to it multiple times without having to create a new SAVE every time. If D-9341 does not SAVE, then D-9341 should automatically respawn in the D Block. SCP-076-2 has multiple lives per round,so setting up the respawn shouldn't be much of an issue. The main concern is about how many lives D-9341 should have per round. 5 or more seem a bit much even if it is a D Class role. 4 or 3 make more sense in my opinion. (completely open for debate on this) Other than these abilities, D-9341 would just be an average D Class. He's not faster or more durable. His health is even the same. By far this is simply a unique shade of D Class, but it is one from a game that most likely inspired the Breach game-mode. Other Possible Implementations - When you SAVE, you also keep a record of what you had on you at the time. This means when you respawn, you get the weapons and items you had when you created the SAVE. - The LOAD could take a few more seconds than Abel's respawn. Mostly done to mimic the loading in the actual game taking a bit. More of a joke than anything. - No default skin for this special D Class. You can wear whatever skin you want from the Shop while you are this special D Class. - Have D-9341 spawn near SCP-173's chamber. If no SAVE point is set, you could also have him spawn there automatically by default. Just a reference to the games. Hopefully my color coding doesn't come off as annoying. Just wanted certain words to pop out more.
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