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Found 264 results

  1. When it comes down to it, D Class do not have much diversity as the Officers. Tactical Response Officers have snipers, pyro units, medics, and even a commander. The D Class only have SCP-035. Not much distinction there for the biggest pool of players every round. But what if the D Class had another special spawn? Something that would spice things up for the D Class and entire round in general. I'm thinking that something is Class D #9341. D-9341 So D-9341 is the character you play as in the SCP Containment Breach game. His origins are mostly unknown. We know that his actual name is Benjamin Oliver Walker. He was formally a researcher, and he was demoted to D-Class after looking into something called The Spiral Gestalt. What makes Ben special from other D Class is his special mysterious powers. These powers seemed to appear from nowhere when the Breach occurred,but damn if they didn't help D-9341 escape. What are these mysterious powers? Well, it is simply the power to SAVE and LOAD of course! The ability to SAVE let's you set a respawn point. LOAD is what lets you respawn to that SAVE point when you die. Simple gamer stuff. But how could that be implemented? SCP-079 can set a teleportation point wherever on the map, so it should be feasible to use the same ability somewhat to set where you respawn. A timer can be implemented as well to keep D-9341 from using it wildly and unstrategically. These SAVEs should also be able to let you respawn to it multiple times without having to create a new SAVE every time. If D-9341 does not SAVE, then D-9341 should automatically respawn in the D Block. SCP-076-2 has multiple lives per round,so setting up the respawn shouldn't be much of an issue. The main concern is about how many lives D-9341 should have per round. 5 or more seem a bit much even if it is a D Class role. 4 or 3 make more sense in my opinion. (completely open for debate on this) Other than these abilities, D-9341 would just be an average D Class. He's not faster or more durable. His health is even the same. By far this is simply a unique shade of D Class, but it is one from a game that most likely inspired the Breach game-mode. Other Possible Implementations - When you SAVE, you also keep a record of what you had on you at the time. This means when you respawn, you get the weapons and items you had when you created the SAVE. - The LOAD could take a few more seconds than Abel's respawn. Mostly done to mimic the loading in the actual game taking a bit. More of a joke than anything. - No default skin for this special D Class. You can wear whatever skin you want from the Shop while you are this special D Class. - Have D-9341 spawn near SCP-173's chamber. If no SAVE point is set, you could also have him spawn there automatically by default. Just a reference to the games. Hopefully my color coding doesn't come off as annoying. Just wanted certain words to pop out more.
  2. Overview In-universe, The Global Occult Coalition is a group of interest that aims to be the "police" of the supernatural world. Unlike the SCP Foundation, they destroy anything they deem to be supernatural instead of containing it, leading to some anomalous objects or beings destroyed before they can be captured by the Foundation. On some occasions, they have teamed up with the Foundation but have also went against the Foundation. In-game description The Global Occult Coalition would be a new team (main color is brown) with the goal to exterminate every SCP (including any SCP on the human side), while being neutral towards anyone else. GOC does not escape and counts as deserting unless they are holding an SCP object. GOC cannot escort any team, nor can they be escorted themselves. The GOC would be a replacement spawn for the NTF. The GOC can pick up and use items like a human and can pick up ammo. GOC spawns with their own vests, but they can drop their vests. When spawning, a player is either chosen to use the "Grey Suit" or the "Black Suit", with each having their own loadout. (Descriptions can be found below.) GOC would also be able to pick up SCP objects and escape with them for a bonus. "Grey Suit" Description: Spawns with a stunstick, level 5 keycard, a medi-shot from the CS:GO weapon pack, a radio, a cloaking device tool, random pistol, and a random SMG. The cloaking device allows for unlimited invisibility. To balance this, it causes moving or giving/receiving damage to disable the cloak. Switching to a different item will disable the cloak after 4 seconds. Playermodel uses "Cell assault4" from https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=221823653. Has 10% damage resistance with no speed penalty. "Black Suit" Description: Spawns with a stunstick, level 5 keycard, a medi-shot from the CS:GO weapon pack, a radio, and a random rifle (including M249, Negev, and Volk). Playermodel uses "Cell assault3" from https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=221823653. Has 40% damage resistance but moves slow as a Nu-7 vest. Alliances: GOC is hostile towards the SCP Team, Serpent's Hand, and Class E. They would be neutral towards MTF, CI, Researchers, and D Class. The only team they are friendly with are other members of the Global Occult Coalition.
  3. Basically, I want Xy to start sorting through suggestions. From what little interaction I have had with you, it seems you are really positive about accepting suggestions for Breach. I wouldn't 100% know. One thing that I feel would really help the server and aid implementations is communication with you. I understand that you may be busy, but just more communication would really be helpful. One idea would be to tell us your idea for implementing an SCP, so the community on the forums can give feedback. But I'll move on as this post is about suggestions. Over the years, suggestions have piled up. My suggestion for you: Every day you look at 5 suggestions and deny any that are undesirable with a listed reason. You do not have to accept any suggestions. You do not have to deny any suggestions if you think it has potential. Just review 5 a day. It would help the community get a better understanding of what you think, and it would clear the suggestion list a bit. Better communication is very important and I think this would be a step in the right direction.
  4. Quite simple. This is just a list of changes and fixes breach desperately needs right now. Fix 079's 939 spawn so it no longer spawns in the ceiling. It is infuriating that this happens and there is not always an admin on with the ability to teleport out the stuck player. Remove SCP-160. No one enjoys playing it, and it has so many issues with it(Terrible controls, lack of audio, glitchy area portals, etc) that i dont think its salvageable without a complete redo from the ground-up. Reduce the DR on Scps. It still feels way too high. SCps should be hard to kill, but not to the current level they are now. In return, nerf Mu-7's horrid machine guns. Nerf 268. Make it cost 5 health a second or something. Its currently way too strong and frustrating. If need be after the DR nerf, buff the TFO sniper class or remove it all together. It is the second worst TFO class to spawn as and has the worst DPS against scps and struggles against human players as well, ontop of not being able to pick up additional ammo and almost no benefit to having a long range sniper rifle. Buff the Flamethrower in general as its the worst weapon in the game. Requires too close ofa range to use and requires pinpoint accuracy even at close range for little to no benefit over using another gun. Buff the Knife so it actually has a reason to be used. Up it's damage or something, or add in its actual intended ability. Fix site61's pitfall problem. Way too easy to rush D-class spawn with little to no downsides. Adjust 011's gun to only have one shot in the gun at once. The way it currently is makes no logical sense and makes him frustrating as all hell to play against. Nerf SCP-2845's health. The weapons slowing down movement speed really caused this SCP to go from garbage to fantastic combined with the DR. Dr nerf might be enough by itself, however. Do something about the body snatcher scp. Nerf its Hp again, nerf its speed, nerf its damage, do something. Its by far the strongest scp in the entire game and no one likes fighting it.
  5. Threat Level: 3, maybe 4. Brief Description: Ms. Sweetie is one of the little meisters from wondertainment. She claims she was made as a girls toy with 'special features' to prevent 'boys from damaging her'. Despite the usual nature of the majority of Little Meisters, Ms.Sweetie is incredibly dangerous and does not hide her desire to escape. Any male individuals near her end up in a diabetic coma, and she constantly generates 'candy' in a radius around her. If a male individual eats this candy they turn into a giant candy monster(sometimes a unicorn) that tries to break Ms.Sweetie out. Stats: Health: 3000 Movement Speed: Human walking speed Spawn: Not sure for site-19. Unused contaiment cell on 02 and 61. Can use items: See Special Can use healing items: See Special Special: Ms.Sweetie can press left click when near someone to put them into a coma. This blinds them and makes them unable to speak or move. While Ms.Sweetie is near them the duration never ends, but if she moves away(it should be a very close radius to keep the stun going) the coma ends instantly. SCP-2396-As constantly spawn around the map while SCP-2396 is alive. Only SCP-2396 can pick these up and use them. When SCP-2396 has one of these candies equipped, they can right click in order to forcibly feed the candy to someone in a coma, turning them into a SCP-2396-B instance. Additionally she spawns with a single guarateed SCP-2396-A in her inventory. There is two kinds of SCP-2396-B instances. The first and most common one is essentially a SCP-049-2 except with 100 more health. The second, and rarer one(Its decided by random which spawns) is the Unicorn SCP-2396-B. These ones have higher health than the other instances(having 300 additional health in comparison) and can move at human sprint speed, but cannot 1 shot like the other instance. Finally, SCP-2396, similar to 323, has a 'hunger' mechanic. Every minute SCP-2396 starts taking damage over time unless she eats a SCP-2396-A or right clicks on a SCP-2396-B to take a bite out of them. Doing this heals her by 100 health. Gameplay Description: I wanted to start adding some more little meister suggestions as there is a surprisingly large amount that can work. Regardless im starting wtih SCP-2396. While i'm aware theres a general dislike of infection scps, this one is a bit different in that it has to work to get minions and it constantly has to micromanage its own hunger/sugar meter in order to survive. She has to track down candies and decide how many she is willing to use to create minions and how many she wants to use for herself. As without the candies she is effectively only a short range stun machine who has no real defense or offense against attacks. The random chance to get a Unicorn candy monster instead of a normal one adds a bit of fun to her minion summoning to make it stand out even mroe from SCP-049, and adds more risk/reward. Do you get greedy and spam a bunch of candies hoping to get one of the unicorn minions(which even if th ey cannot 1 shot are a million times better than the normal minions due to their speed) or do you play it safe and ensure you dont find yourself starving to death or eating your own minions. The fact she can heal herself by using her candies and minions also adds a gameplay element, as shes defenseless without both. Even if she wants to fully heal herself, chances are she's gonna lose all of her minions trying to do so or end up in trouble later. She is also slow which means she tends to get shot a lot more than other scps. Overall I think she would be unique and add a bit of varity and flavor to rounds. Models: For SCP-2396: Can't find the model right now, but basically some fat looking lady. I know i saw it somewhere but considering the results i got on the gmod workshop searching for "Fat", ill rather try to find it after i have recovered from the horror. For SCP-2396-B(Normal): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1349762141 Except colored pink(I know we use the red version of this model for a special round but i can't think fo a better model for it)> For SCP-2396-B(Unicorn): Some pony model colored all pink I guess. Shouldn't get people too triggered considering it would be very similar to the model for 334(retextured completely).
  6. The main change to 939s set is his right click. instead just disguising as a researcher it will disguise as any human guard d class researcher. in lamens terms that means 939 becomes the player that is chosen randomly but cannot wield weapons or use keycards but can still hold the items the player has but not use them and can also use a flashlight. if you come up to 939 in human form its nametag will read that of who its disguised as but cannot use the mic as that would be a dead giveaway but can still communicate through text chat. if the player 939 is disguised as dies changes items or appearance in any way 939 will not change also whoever is playing as 939 will appear as an scp on the tab i think this would make 939 more fun to play as now its not just a researcher who could be 939 it could be anyone.
  7. So recently SCP-160 was added to Breach and from what i'v seen it is extremely buggy. It is also one of the weakest SCPs because of it's low mobility. This is a proposal on making SCP-160 a better SCP to play as and play against. Don't know what else to say so... SCP-160 You are a drone that acts like predatory birds. You are able to damage enemies by getting close to them and inject a substance into them that overtime damages their organs. Escape the facility. Stats Health: 2000 Attack Damage: 30 Movement Speed: Human Speed (Or Faster) Team: SCP Objects (Attack Speed is not necessary because of the way it attacks) Controls + Mechanics Attack: Inject Bonus: Constant Flight Information Attack: Inject By bumping into people, SCP-160 injects a substance overtime damages the victim's organs. Every 2 seconds the victim takes 1 damage. The effect can be removed with any healing method. Bonus: Constant Flight SCP-160 is permanently in flight. What kind of flight is Xy's decision. When I first made the 160 suggestion I imagined flight how SCP-106 moved in the special round "SCP-106's funhouse". Looking back I should of pointed that out. So 106's funhouse flight but without the clipping through walls. Or if Xy decides to use manhack physics, I request if it's possible to make it move faster and reduce "bouncing". Or 160 could just get removed.
  8. SCP-1126

    SCP-1126: Brief Description: A sapient palm tree that calls itself Agent Palmer of the T R O P I C agency whos goal is to 'SPREAD TROPICAL FAUNA ALL OVER THE WORLD!'. He is able to move via rocking back and forth, and swears it has 'CLOSE QUARTERS COMBAT' skill. Stats: Health: 4000(Its a tree after all). Speed: Slightly slower than human sprint speed. Can pick up items: No Can use healing items: no Special: Flings himself(or a model copy of himself I guess, while he goes invisible) at a target at high speeds dealing physic damage. Ingame Text: YOU ARE AGENT PALMER OF THE T.R.O.P.I.C. AGENCY. BREAK YOUR WAY OUT OF ENEMY ORGANIZATION #30 BY SHOWCASING YOUR EXCELLENT CLOSE QUARTER COMBAT SKILLS! Gameplay Description: Outside of being able to fling himself at people as a ragdoll, all SCP-1126 can do is attempt to punch them(dealing same damage as shark fists from SPC breach). He mostly serves as a giant chunk of health and, once again, more of a annoyance than an actual threat. If you ever played ragdoll combat you have a general idea of how his ragdoll throw works/should work. Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1098190524 (If you can set it up to have a physics model or have a ragdoll, that is)
  9. SCP-1370

    THREAT LEVEL: 1 SCP-1370: Brief Description: A tiny toy robot made out of scrap that considers itself a super evil villian and wants to destroy any and all sapient life but is hilariously bad at it to the point of intentionally avoiding lethal weaponry... and losing a fight with a potted plant. Stats: Health: 1000 Movement speed: Human walk speed(cannot sprint) Can pick up items: No Can use healing items: No Special: Has an infinite amount of tactical awareness, decoy, and smoke grenades. Can right click to essentially detonate a flashgrenade on himself, blinding him and everyone else around the same way a flash does. Has access to the radio and can use the intercom as well as use his mic. Text on Spawn: THOSE FOOLS HAVE LET YOU FREE TO REIGN HAVOK AND DESTRUCTION UPON THIS PUNY WORLD! DESTROY THEM ALL AND ESCAPE SO YOU CAN DESTROY MORE PEOPLE WITH YOUR ULTIMATE WEAPONS OF DOOMY DOOM!(thats 50% more doom than ordinary doom!) Ingame Description: Literally designed to be more of an annoyance than any actual threat, he still has the ability to slowly kill someone with chip damage of 5 damage per grenade hit(meaning that, unfortunately, the MTF and other players STILL have to be at least halfway aware of what hes doing at all times). Mostly just a distraction to keep attention away from more actual dangerous scps(like most other lvl 1 scps are). Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1158241463
  10. So the new update came out! I recently went back on for a short bit and I got to play as SCP-160 due to my unnatural luck. Currently, SCP-160 is unviable and not fun to play as. 1. The flying controls are terrible. It is velocity based, so you will be constantly bumping into walls and ceilings. You are too slow to catch up to humans. It depends on where you are looking. 2. The entire out-of-the-map system is glitchy. Basically, you can't spectate SCP-160 because its real body is out of the map at the surface. This is really annoying for 160 as when you are in the facility, you can't really hear anything like, gunshots, voices, ambiance, etc. Also because of this, the map's loading zones get bugged. This makes it so you can't see through doorways ahead of you when in the facility. 3. The damage system. 160 deals damage by flying into people. I had to discover this as the intro message just said I acted like a predatory bird. It does around 30-35 per hit. But each hit you bounce backward and basically lose all speed. Model: Camera Drone from hl2 Health with around 12-14~ people on: near 2000 About SCP-020, I'm not sure. Didn't see a lot. SCP-348 (the soup) was also changed. I have no idea what was changes as Xy didn't list what he changed. Xy please list what the actual changes are, and what new SCPs do and how they work. From my experience, it is either bugged or I have no idea how it works now. The soup floats now and I tried to eat it as a human while healthy and injured, yet nothing happened. No idea. SCP-268 is a hat that can make you invisible for a period of time. People can switch to other weapons during this and can shoot. There are no floating guns or anything. Also I have heard medkits are bugged?? Not sure, didn't really look into it
  11. SCP-020: SCP-020 is a mold that is invisible to the naked human eye. It can spread rapidly between human hosts and modifies the person's behavior to be more social after prolonged infection. 020 hosts have been known to turn violent at near critical stages of infection, however. Stats: Health: 100 Speed: Normal Human speed Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1295498985 Spawn: TFO spawn Gameplay Description: SCP-020 spawns along with the rest of the guards and looking identical to a normal guard. He is also not aware he is scp-020(SCPs on the scoreboard WILL see him however, and he is still considered as being on the scp team, he is just unaware of it, and so is other players who aren't on the scp team). He can use items and weapons as normal for obvious reasons. Whenever scp-020 gets near someone, they get infected by the mold. They aren't told they are infected and their role doesnt change. However, anyone else they get near also gets infected by the mold. Someone infected by scp-020 who tries to escape will count as a SCP escaping instead for terms of who ends up winning a round, instead of their normal role.(EX: infected d-class escapes, counts as a scp escaping). After 5 minutes have passed, the original 020 host 'turns' and becomes aware he is scp-020. Everyone else is also aware he is scp-020. He is still able to use items and weapons after this state, but his model changes to the one linked. You can tell if someone is infected by 020(including the original host before he changes) through either a s-nav ult(people infected would show up as scp-020-1s instead of their 'actual' role) or NVG(which would cause them to be displayed in grey when looked at). You can cure a scp-020 infection by using scp-500, or by lighting the infected person on fire in some way. The original host cannot be cured, however. Gameplay wise, scp-020 serves to cause a form of paranoia. No one would even be sure if there was a scp-020 in the round, or a 939, or some other disguised SCP even if the reduced amount of scps on the scoreboards alerted them. afterwards, people would be paranoid of each other not even sure who is infected, or even who is the original scp-020. Considering 020 wouldn't know his own role unless he discovers it in some way before he 'turns' 5 minutes in or after he turns, it would result in a rather unique mindgames quite different from a normal disguised scp or ci spy. Edit: wearing a hazmat suit would also render you immune to being infected by being near a 020 or 020-1, but won't cure your infection if you already have it.
  12. Threat Level: 2 Brief Description: SCP-001(I.H.Pickman's Proposal) is a sentient and possible sapient narrative force that has control over reality in order to force it to follow narrative tropes whenever possible, near the town of sloth's pit. Despite this's entity's best efforts, if an anti-climax is caused by its actions or the actions of someone else, it creates a SCP-001-X entity. SCP-001-X entities distort and unravel reality around itself and are generally incredibly silly yet disruptive entities. Stats: Health: 2500-3000 Movement Speed: Human walking speed Spawn: Security room in Cell Block area(Site-19). Random empty cell(Site02, site61). Can use items: no Can use healing items: no Special: Shapeshifts into various SCP-Js. 45 second cooldown. Can be either random or chosen depending on what is easier to code and works out better in practice. Works via R to allow right mouse button for special abilities in each form. Unless disguised, his name still appears as SCP-001-X when transformed. SCP-:3-J: Able to spread the Emoji virus. The emoji virus effects a target for a minute and a half(maybe 2 minutes). While under the effects of the Emoji virus, vicitms are unable to use their mic and all chat messages are replaced with random emojis. SCP-049-J: Upon first shapeshifting, appears as a TFO guard wearing armor with "TFO medic' displayed as their role, and gains a medkit. Unlike the TFO medkit, this medkit can only hurt people(by the same amount it normally heals per click, with the same 'attack speed' but doesnt have charges). Upon taking damage or dealing damage to someone, reveals his true identity. Defaults to this form on start of round. SCP-001-j: Can teleport to a random person and left click to randomly steal(delete) an item from their inventory. SCP-078-J: infects people with cooties on right click. Someone with cooties takes 30 damage over 10 seconds, and anyone else they touch also gets affected with cooties. Gameplay Description: Outside of being the literal only SCP-001 that works in a gameplay sense that isn't just a giant killer angel with a flaming sword, SCP-001-X is designed to be an intentionally silly yet disruptive entity. While it struggles to actually kill someone, its abilities can certainly annoy people and make them easier targets for other SCPS, preventing it from being a threat level 1 scp. Steal someone's gun or medkit. Spread mass panic with cooties. Trick a low health researcher or guard into trusting 049-J. Distrupt communications between players. The effects are wacky and silly, but should be fun to use/play as regardless(Who doesnt want tot eleport up to someone as a screaming hobo and steal their gun, or bash someone's head in with a medkit when they think you're gonna heal them? Or make peopel scream DONT TOUCH ME I GOT THE COOTIES). Models: SCP-049-J: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=284128010&searchtext=Killing+Floor SCP-001-J: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=943530315 SCP-078-J: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=376169614 SCP-:3-J: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1565348690
  13. the only maps that are chosen are site 19 and 02 and its getting boring so any idea on how to fix it because i have no idea left im just done.
  14. This thread is related to another suggestion of mine: Threat Level(SCP spawn mechanic changes): These scps are intended to fill out mostly threat level 1 and threat lvl 2 scp pools(as well as just being ideas to toss out there.). All of these SCPs will be on the weaker side, being similar in power level to 178-1 when 3d goggles were added to counter it(Except hopefully a bit more dangerous and a lot more fun to play). Most of these tend to be weirder scps that dont really do much in the form of special powers. Models will be added later. SCP-030 the Homunculus: Brief Description: A artificial humanoid made mostly out of clay, it has a high level of intelligence and is allowed material for its own personal experimentation. While it lacks a true regenerative ability, it is able to remold its own damaged parts back to functionality, allowing it to recover from minor injuries quickly. Research materials were limited after an incident where it managed to nearly create a new artificial form of light and energy, which would allow itself to continue to remain active even with no available light source at all. Stats: Health: 150 Movement speed: Human walking speed with no ability to sprint Can pick up items: Semi. Cannot pick up healing items, can pickup and use pistols and keycards. Special interaction with night vision goggles, s-nav ultimates, radios, and tactical awareness grenades. Can use healing items: No. Special: Starts with a home-built taser with only one shot. Tasing someone ragdolls them, effectively stunning them for a 2-4 second duration.(Basically the same behavor as the Class-E Taser, just with a different model. Still looking for one, it should look like a weird homemade device made out of bizarre materials). Is able to obtain additional ammo for his taser by consuming electronic items(Night Vision Goggles, S-nav Ultimates, Radios, Tactical Awareness Grenades). Passively heals up to 25 health after taking no damage for 4 seconds. (Example: He gets shot but ducks out of sight. After 4 seconds he heals 25 health.) Text on Spawn: You are SCP-030. The foundation are interrupting your experiments. Using a electronic device you created you can survive even without light for short periods of time and knock out humans. Escape the facility alive. Gameplay Description: Essentially a relatively slow humanoid enemy able to use pistols as well as its own special taser. Its passive health regen after taking damage allows it to keep sustaining itself by a small amount if it handles its cards right(its fixing its own deformations but it can only do so much). Main power is its access to keycards as well as its own unique taser. Like all level 1s, intentionally designed to be way less of a threat than more powerful scps(for example the threat level 5 378 or threat level 4 096) but far from being completely harmless. MIGHT be justified as a level 2, however. SCP-031 What is Love Brief Description: A giant fleshy slug monster that is able to make people view it as a previously loved or liked person. This effect only works on people who view it directly, and everyone views SCP-031 differently. It constantly leaves a trail of oil behind where it moves. Stats: Health: 500 Movement speed: human walking speed with ability to sprint. Can pick up items: No Can use healing items: No Special: Activatable ability to leave a trail of oil following behind it. Anyone who steps on the trail of oil is slowed by 30% and behaves like ice physics(sliding instead of stopping instantly when no longer moving). Anyone who looks at SCP-031 sees a random model of their own team(D-class and Chaos Insurgency see it using a random D-class model, researchers, guards, and MTF view it as using a random researcher model. Other SCPS view it as its actual model.) Able to use voice chat to speak with other players similar to 939. Can be escorted by Guards, MTF, and Chaos Insurgency. Unlike 939, anyone can walk through him(to avoid having its disguise blown too easily). Text on Spawn: You are SCP-031. You are defenseless and must rely on your natural disguise skills in order to escape. You can excrete oil in order to slow down pursuers or aid allies. Escape the facility alive either on your own or by being escorted. Gameplay Description: Outside of its oil ability(mostly intended to be a way to help it escape if its identity has been found out), scp-031 has no offensive ability on its own. It relies on convincing people that it is their ally and tagging along with them as protection as well as possible help from other scps. Health is shown as constantly being at 100% when hovered over in order to avoid the same issue that 378 disguises have. Has the same ability 939 used to have to be escorted. Outside of its inability to attack people directly, its cover can also be blown by people realizing hes appearing as a different model to everyone(a guard seeing him as a normal scientist while another sees him using the pope model). More to come when im back on my normal PC.
  15. big baaaah moment. Health: 800 - 900 - 1000 (max) Ability: Able To Shoot Lightning At A Player, Doing 50 Damage Per Shot. (left click) The Player Will Start To Burn Doing 2 Damage Per Second, The Effect Wears Off After 5 Seconds. Cooldown: 3 Seconds. Also Able To Float In The Air For 10 Seconds. (right click) Cooldown: 20 Seconds. (basically use the umbrella for 10 seconds as a right click) Spawnpoint: SCP-895/SCP-066 Spawn Speed: 049 Speed PlayerModel: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=926090979&searchtext=sheep
  16. Xy asked for feedback so here is some more feedback. I think both 1799 and 011 are currently overpowered. SCP-1799 Balance Change Suggestions 1. Remove his damage resistance - This will make him less of a tank and might balance out his damage output 2. Nerf his damage to 35-45 - This will force 1799 to be more accurate and will make it so people have more of a chance 3. Remove 1799's crosshair - This will make 1799 more skill based - 1799 is more likely to miss 4. Make 1799 slower??? SCP-011 Balance Change Suggestions 1. Make it so he only gets 1 shot per reload - Would at least lower his dps, however wouldn't stop his ability to run away 2. Massively slow 011's speed to his current walking speed - This might actually be a glitch - Currently 011 can hold shift to sprint at normal human speed - Previously based off of my experience and Klourice's video, I thought he could only move slowly - Either its a glitch or it's intended - If it is intended, it is too op 3. I guess you could remove the crosshair - See above
  17. 05 retrieval aways seemed like a dumb round to me. either the 05 hides in a room the entire game or escapes with no problems with the level 5 so heres some suggestions. the 05 cannot be escorted or escape until half the round is over or all scps are killed the server is split into 2 groups with half of one group being scps and the other being 05s and the other group is mtf now i dont know about this one but im pretty sure red right hand betrayed the 05 council in the lore so it would make sense for tau 5 to spawn instead and even if red right hand didn't betray tau 5 is more practical
  18. Now, this idea has been on my mind for a little bit now. After some consideration, I think now is the right time to suggest it as it coincides well with spartan's suggestion and Haxray's suggestion. I used this guide as a reference: http://www.scp-wiki.net/updated-amnestics-guide Amnestics 101 You might be asking me, "Pizzy, how do you plan on making people forget memories???" and I am glad you asked. Amnestics will work like this: when you get affected by an amnestic, your scoreboard (default is the Tab button) will change. It will list no roles other than the alive "???" and the Spectators. Everyone alive will be under ??? and everyone spectating will be under Spectators. 939 939 admits a natural Class B/C amnestic. (For the server's sake we will say B) Not only is this lore friendly, but it will also act as a buff to 939. Either... 1. 939 gains an AoE around it that amnesticizes people for the rest of the round 2. 939 amnesticizes people for the rest of the round when they are hurt by 939 Amnestic Grenades I mean aerosol based grenades aren't too farfetched, right? Right? How it will work: you throw the grenade, it creates a colored(?) gas column with the same gas as 681. If you walk through it, you will be amnesticized for a time determined by the type of amnestic. - Types Class A - The column itself only lasts 5 minutes. Victims will forget for 3 minutes until it wears off. The most common type of amnestic grenade. Class B - The column lasts for 2 minutes. Victims will be amnesticized for 5 minutes. A rarer grenade type. Class I - The column lasts for 6 minutes. Victims will be amnesticized for 7 minutes. Class-Es are the only class that can possibly spawn with this grenade type. (so Class I grenades are meant for either special rounds, or if Class-Es are ever re-added) Run with this idea. I'm sure Xy, Doomnack, Haxray, or any others can implement this better, or in new, different ways. Ideas: - Anomalous types of amnestics - Amnestics that cause vision problems and the like (aka side effects) - A better system
  19. Here's a list of Neutral Killers that you need to be aware of: (If you don't kill them before they kill you then it's natural selection at this point and you deserve it.) (I don't love you) Nastyballer Snowflake Dado Wraithviper Doomnack Admiral Chin Chin Dave (sometimes) Rollnaway NoobyNoob (Unless you're on his trust list) LaggyShaggy Ravelord BottomText SnivyBro Trashman This is all I can think of right now. Now here's a list of people that you can trust: (I love you guys) Nicole (Me of course) Astral Rogue Shadowjab Fafy Ikus Pika Duc Cd326s ( I think) Carthing (I guess) Pizzy That's all I can think of right now. If you're not on this list it's because you barely come on or I haven't seen you.
  20. scp 939 attack set and disguise ability remains the same but the change is he gets a new ability called memory loss how it works key:R when clicked whoever was near at the time is teleported somewhere random as in memory loss but the real interesting part comes in when said player affected by the ability looks for 939 again. now 939 remains played by the same person but the person who was hit by the ability will now perceive a random researchers nametag as that of the player whos playing 939 and if they come across the real 939 they wont know until its to late. if 939 gets multiple people its random for everyone. another quick change is 939 can use a flashlight can use skins and can pull out a fake item think spy from tf2.
  21. Xy asked for feedback so here is some more feedback. The Saturnalia Device takes too long to throw and then deploy. The grenade bounces along the ground for 3 seconds, then it takes 3 more seconds to turn into the AoE effect, then the time for the AoE to explode. Its just too long and unviable. My suggestion: Turn the Saturnalia Device into the CT's incin grenade, so the AoE is created as soon as the grenade hits the ground. This would be much faster. I am also assuming this can actually be coded like that.
  22. This is a suggestion that several people bounced around, but FAIK no one has ever actually posted it or shared the idea with Xy. The idea is rather simple on paper, at least, but im worried it might be convoluted on the coding angle. Instead of having a simple "random scps spawn, up to X amount of scps allowed depending on player size', there would be a max 'THREAT LEVEL' cap. Each scp has their own threat level, ranging from 1 to 5. The max threat level goes up depending on player cap, starting at 5 and going up to 10 depending on the current player count. Every round the spawns attempt to match the current allowed Threat Level cap, which results in larger amount of scps if the scps themselves are weaker, and less for stronger scps. In addition, in order to keep the element of surprise, scps would not be displayed on the scoreboard at all until encountered. This should make it so players can't instantly tell what scps are inplay simply by counting the amount of scps currently spawned. After spotting a SCP, it is forever on the scoreboard for you. This also makes communication as to what scp is in play even more important. This system is a way to get around certain SCPS inevitably being stronger than others, and a way to balance out some of the top tier SCPS by making them spawn with greatly reduced amount of teammates. This system also makes it easier to make unique scps who rely on spawning in as a giant swarm(the Pink Flamingos, for example). It also opens up more possibilities for SCPS or scps with weird/unique mechanics to play with the threat level(A scp that has a 0 threat level rating but is incredibly weak/acts weirdly, for example), as well as ways for foundation sided scps to also interact with threat levels. There IS some downsides to this system, however. Ignoring the possible coding disaster it could cause for XY to try to implement, you also need to decide what SCP deserves to be what threat level, which could be time consuming. I have a rough list in mind, but i can't post it currently due to limited time(Thanks, evening shift). There is also the chance of it commonly picking threat level 5 scps way too often leading to a lot of rounds featuring only one SCP(threat level 5 scps should be rare spawns/picks for this exact reason to counter-act this happening, but it could still be an issue), or rounds that pick only level 1 SCPs. Description of each threat level briefly: Level 1: The weakest scps, consisting of mostly humanoid-scps who behave almost exactly the same as a normal person or weak anomalies. Level 2: Scps who tend to be on the weaker side but can be dangerous/annoying in specific situations. Level 3: An 'average' scp. Not the strongest scps but better than lvl 1 and lvl2s. Level 4: Above average SCPs, these are dangerous but still not the absolute best scps. Level 5: The best scps in the game, the strongest and scariest out there. *glares at 378*
  23. Okay, so I really enjoy the idea of the Chef's Knife. However, in its current iteration, it can't really be used. In my experience so far, the knife is rare to find. Even rarer is a scenario where it can be used stealthily. Class-D? Why not use a gun. Maynard? Sure, but you risk your entire cover. You'd use a gun. I believe that Doomnack's original idea for the knife would be more viable in the current gun meta. His idea: -On hit: both you and your victim become invisible from other players. -On hit: victim is stripped of all weapons temporarily. (I mean, we did this for the earlier cat) ... -User can still take damage from outside sources. -After 10 seconds of not being damaged, the effects disappear. -Upon death of victim: effects disappear. One more addition: the attacker only can use the knife once he hits the victim until the effect disappears. In this form, it actually makes the victim nearly helpless. As well, this melee weapon would be a neat alternative from the much simpler bullet. With the idea, the melee weapon could be used to sneak attack or to actually push a hostile that is nearby. I also think the damage should be kept the same as the hitreg on the knife seems iffy. It could even create some strategy: Imagine - 2 D Class are at Gate B elevator. TRO/NTF are at the surface for whatever reason. Classic scenario. They're done for right? Wrong. Class-D A purposely stabs Class-D B and both turn invisible. Either the Class-Ds can attempt to ambush the guards with Class-D B being injured, or they can both run for the escape. What do you guys think? Please let me know.
  24. So I got very lucky and became SCP-011 (with 3 people on) and later I got SCP-1799 (to which the server decided to lag out and crash a few minutes later). So here I will share the start screens of both, with the statistics of SCP-011's musket. SCP-1799's revolver does ~60 damage a shot. SCP-011 Also of note: Klourice reported hearing birds in his video playing as 011. He concluded the bird sounds were like the birds haunting 011 in the article. I didn't hear any birds while I played as him. Either it was removed/changed, or Klourice is crazy. SCP-1799 I think SCP-1799 is op in his current state, I will probably make a suggestion later. Here are all of the voice lines that I personally heard. I will try to type them the way Kaito said them. (Note: Good job Kaito!) If you want to hear them, find 1799 in-game Voice lines: Hahaha... I will crush your skull with my bare hands... hahaha (or something like that. I didn't get this one on recording) Hehehuehuehue... Just... Quiet... All of you... PLEASE... hahaHaHaHa ... gonna drive mE INSANE HAHAHA... If it was this easy to kill me... I would have done it years ago. Hohue... bullets don't work on me... hahaha Huehuhu... no one is going to recognize you after this. Your eyes will make great soft serve sprinkles... ohohohooo [laughter turns to sobbing] Oh God... [unintelligible] hueHaHahA (my best guess for the unintelligible is "no way...") And that is all of them. I think. Let me know if you hear any other lines that I missed. Also Max, I hope you are happy with this
  25. I've noticed more and more that people love their special rounds. The problem is that it feels like half of the special rounds can be really boring. Not only that, but it can also really be annoying when people constantly vote for special rounds when you just want to play a standard round. I've thought up some tweaks that I feel special rounds could use. I also threw in some new special round ideas. - Tweaks/Changes - I don't know if it is intentional, but you can vote for a second special round during a special round if everyone votes during the 1 minute grace period. I would suggest removing this; however, some people might be opposed, so let me know what you think. Like I said earlier, some of these special rounds really are boring. I'm talking about O5 Retrieval, 106's Funhouse, Hide and Seek (for me its boring), BrightInTheScreen (in its current state), and Trouble in SCP Town. I'd suggest to remove/rebalance O5 Retrieval and 106's Funhouse as the majority of players don't really find them fun. (At least, I don't like them) Maybe Trouble in SCP Town too. - New Round Ideas - 079's Funhouse (a completely original idea) - There are 3 079s. They all share the same health and same UI with the same cooldowns. There are 3 of them so they can cover more area. - The rest of the players spawn as Class D with radios. They can either choose to escape or chose to attack the 079s. - There are no reinforcements (besides the SH that 079 spawns) - There are increased O5 keycard spawns Karaoke Night (i'm not sorry) - A completely normal round except there is no intercom limits. (All micspam rules still apply) - Have fun. SCP: Containment Breach (this one is meant to be spooky) - Only CB SCPs spawn: 173, 049, 106, 096 - The human's vision is constantly limited like in BrightInTheScreen. The vision would be limited to being a bit smaller than a Site19's hallway length. (Door to door) - The SCPs are nigh unkillable (9999 health). 049 zombies aren't included and have the standard health. (Optional) - All SCPs start at 682 speed, but will slowly gain speed as the round continues. (Except for maybe 096/173?) The SCPs speed will continually increase past the normal speed capacity. I planned to add more events including Class-Es but Class-Es just need to be reworked. The only real unique thing about them is the 1-shot 300 damage taser. That's it. Let me know what you think about these events, suggest your own below, yadda yadda
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