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Found 8 results

  1. My pc broke and it made me think that i was just joining the server not for fun but because: "i need to reach 30 mins i need to reach 30 mins i need..." that was not healthy when i joined i had fun really, but that's not always. Dont get me wrong i love the server but sometimes you know how it is. I just feel like joining the server and having fun, and i have fun playing and helping that's why i became admin. i just feel like that i've reach a time that i can't give my all into the server anymore and i wont AFK in the server just to get the hours like some do 😠 (prob 95% of my hours are pure no afking at all) i'll be sure to hop in sometimes but i dont know for how long i don't know if this a see you soon or a goobye, but if this became that meme: last online 7 years ago, then Good bye. ps: @Beaker for Sm @TimeForYouToGetAWatch i still got your face saved :3 @Neon Cat dont abuse you dont know how to 😠 @Pyros adeus, ou não talvez eu volto kkk ❤️ @Roger Gunshot you're a good guy don't stress too much (send warframe booty) @MooTheCow i heard you like being tagged @SkydivingSquid we didn't talk much, but still was fun too many dogs i cant tag him @EnderAsteroid good boi @Muse resignation: Reborn i would tag more but i won't because yes, @all the oldies Good night. psps: yes i'll accept my perma vip thx Good night.
  2. I believe that the time has come for me to step down from staff entirely. As you may or may not know, I have been going through some really REALLY stressful times right now. My father has a crack addiction, and this addiction has been getting worse. It has gotten to the point where I don’t know if we are going to have a roof over our heads by the end of this coming month. During my absence, I have been endlessly trying to find better employment and attempting to get a car ASAP, just so in the worst case scenario I could live in my car for a little bit. Long story short, my life is at a low point at the moment; and worrying about RDM reports and all the countless new overstimulating “content” that is being added is the least of my concerns right now. I have been a part of this community since June 11th 2019, 10 days later I became staff. I miss the good old days of Fast food. I miss the coal mining RP, and I miss all the people that have come and went with time. @Zero @Pancake Jenkins and @VilhjalmrF to name a few. As time progresses I tend to find myself treating this position as a job that I just try to go to every day just to make a paycheck… except there is no paycheck. My desire to play has been slowly diminishing and It has finally gotten to the point where I am so focussed on other things, and the only time I think about the server is when I'm thinking about whether or not to resign. It also doesn’t help that it is being run by a person that doesn’t even try to speak to me and has actively avoided me since June 11th, 2020. I feel uncomfortable to join a server that has this immature and unprofessional principal. I will take this time to mention some people that i’d like to address formally before my resignation: @JadedJade I love you girl, you are fucking amazing and I wish we could talk more. You have been supportive and understanding to my situation and I appreciate having you as a friend, and I hope you continue doing the awesome work that you’re doing. Just know that you can come to me about any problems you are having or even drop by and say hello. @Duck. You can choose to take this as me calling you out. Or, you can take this as a sign that your actions have effects on other people. And those actions may be causing those people to not want to be on the server anymore. I miss you. I want to be able to call you a friend again and hang out and play video games. I have heard your “reasons” as to why you up and ghosted me but I just wanna talk man. Stop running away from it and talk to me. @Kirito_dualswords You are a funny guy and I hope your streaming hobby really kicks off. You are entertaining to watch and I enjoy hanging out with you on call. I hope you can evolve as a staff member and as a streamer and really make a name for yourself. You have my best wishes and support. @Magiconix I think 100% of people figured this was a given but I love you and I can’t wait to go up to Texas with you and start a life with you. I think about it every day and I thank this community and this server for bringing us together @Royal. You’re a real one man, I love talking to you for hours on discord about real stuff and I hope you can find your purpose in life and achieve happiness. I miss hanging out with you and hopefully we can catch up soon TL;DR: It's been a blast being part of the TTT Rot staff; however, there are some external factors that prevent me from being a proper staff member so I feel it is time for me to resign. I love all of you guys in the GFL community and I hope to still get on the server every once in a while once my situation clears up. Until then, I bid thee farewell.
  3. Well, the time is finally here. I made a post like this about a month back but I was talked out of it by several people. But this one is it, this is real. I can't say for sure if I'm leaving GFL but I am resigning from HNS. Personal issues have caused me to have to leave the server. Just how it is. They always say "don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" and I am smiling. While I took breaks from time to time, I've been playing on the Gmod Hide And Seek server since all the way back in 2016, maybe even in 2015 but I don't recall exactly. I've made many friends on there, some I'd consider lifelong friends and close friends. It's time I don't regret and I'll never forget. Now to the mentions and thanks yous- @FrankAL no I will not play AoE2 with you @Harakoni we butted heads often and had issues but I always respected you. Your time as manager was filled with so much turmoil, you didn't deserve that (and thanks for letting me be admin under you) @littleshake one of the better friends I made on HNS, you're too awesome @BrotherWolf one of the nicest genuine people and a great admin, I'll miss you man even when you cheat at golf @spookyowo @Zexired @Nix Pardus oi ya Aussie cunts (and thank you Zex for giving me the chance to be admin) @DragoonMCL for the love of god, I don't watch anime @mbs no maple syrup for you @GoddessAthena Nicki Minaj's ass @Booster bork @Clufy come back pls @Fafy our lord and savior, praise to thee (and thank you for allowing me to be an admin for you) @HomelessDog smol Aussie @R3DD3AD thanks for your help keeping me sane @PopcornGoesPopping @Jamie-Jay @KryptekBlu3 good luck you guys @Shabby sorry for how everything turned out dude Last but not least @Rennadai thanks for letting be an admin under you as well. Great admin, great manager and great person. Good luck with the future of the server, I know you'll do well Well, with that said I guess it's time to go. This isn't an instance where I'm resigning but I'll be around or whatever. I think this is the real goodbye. See ya'll when I see ya, stay safe with this COVID-19 shit. Take care 💗
  4. To start off this post I wanted to let everyone know that I am not leaving the whole of GFL, I'm only resigning from the management position of CS:GO Jailbreak. Jailbreak has been a wonderful rollercoaster of memories for me and all of the players. I've enjoyed every step of it, but with CS:GO Community servers suffering heavily from the new Valve Trade hold, I'm afraid this is most likely the end for the server. I want to give a special thank you to all of my admins, my former "bosses", and of course my wonderful players that stuck with the server through its dying ages. With school starting up again, I've got to start focusing on that more, and I have little to no time left to work on reviving the server. For those interested, I'm speaking with my current admins to see if the "management torch" will be passed on, but looking at the server as of know, it will most likely be closed. I'm going to start off with my story; I first joined jailbreak as a fairly new player to CS:GO, and was welcomed warmly by all of the staff and management team of the server. I started playing a few rounds and had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING (But I soon learned the general idea of how things worked). While many of you probably have things against him, @Bhoot.exe (AKA Cute.exe) was one of the friendliest admins towards me when I first started, teaching me how things worked and helping me with any questions I had. After that first day, I joined the server the next day, and the next, and the next, until I was really starting to get the gist of things. Some of the other admins at the time @Darkling @PParrot @FlippySpoopy @johaw @PaulaDeen @Dogger @bballallan @qzed @Sajco @[email protected] and of course @Leks were extremely active and helpful under the manager @HackingPotato, and the server began to expand into its golden age. After a couple of months of playing, One of the admins @PParrot told me to apply for admin as he saw my activity, and helpful demeanor towards the other players, and I decided to give it a shot. After only 7 days my application was accepted and I joined the team consisting of all the members I previously mentioned! When I first got admin, I remember being really afraid of @HackingPotato because she was a server manager. In my mind that was so high up in the rankings, I was afraid to even talk to her (haha ). I remember being criticized after my first few days as a trial admin by none other than @Cypher himself as I accidentally slayed the entire server when I attempted to kill myself (for some reason that option was right next to suicide and I've definitely done this more than once lol). After being an admin for a few months, @HackingPotato was promoted to Divison Leader of the CS:GO Division and @Leks took over the JB server. During Leks' management, the server expanded even more with the introduction of weekly events that brought in heaps of players on those Saturdays. This was around the golden age of CS:GO Community Servers where nearly everywhere was populated (Even our Minigames server). Leks also introduced tons of new maps and content to our server over his time as manager. A few weeks after Leks was promoted to manager the former Senior Admin at the time (which I believe was @PParrot If I'm not mistaken (I'm going to say he resigned although only the veteran jailbreakers know what really happened lol)) resigned and Leks chose me as the new senior admin along with @Neko-chan. I have to mention @Worgee in here somewhere for his dedication to the server, as well as his nearly perfect understanding of every single rule, props to you my bud :). After a while Leks was promoted to Council along with a few others and he did not have much time for jailbreak anymore. I took it upon myself to take over the server and @Leks promoted me as the new Server Manager for Jailbreak.0During my time as manager, I tried my absolute best to keep the server in good shape, adding new maps and features, and the server stayed populated for a couple more months until it finally began to decline. In my opinion, the weekly events introduced by Leks were one of the sole reasons it survived for as long as it did. As the decline in players began, I tried to keep the server populated but unfortunately, my efforts were fruitless. I eventually decided to completely revamp the server along with @Darkling to stop some of the crashing errors with some plugins, and we were able to successfully fix the crashes, but for the price of many other problems with the server. After that, I spent weeks trying to find the problem, but my limited knowledge was not enough to be able to fix them, and I was left with a broken server that I wasn't even capable of fixing. By the time I got most of the errors fixed, Valve had already introduced the trade hold which essentially killed most of the community servers left. Unfortunately the GFL CS:GO Division is now really only comprised of ZE, but I give my best luck to @ScythZ, @GR1FF1N, and @Mould to try and keep their servers going. Thank you, anyone, that read this short story, and everyone that was in it, I'll remember all of you and the lessons you've taught me. Now for the longest tag list, you've ever seen Starting this off with a thanks to all of the current staff team, you've done great serving your time, I love you all <3 @Leks - Thanks for sticking with the server as long as you did, helping it grow and expand, and thanks for being a friend to me whenever I needed one <3 @Moose - You were a great senior admin for me, thanks for all the time you gave to help the server @TomRiddle - Now you were quite an interesting admin to have but a great friend nonetheless. Thanks for everything tom @YYZ - You too big boy. It was great working alongside you as an admin and eventually a manager. We had many a good time together on the server @NOT-LAW - I knew you could do it, buddy! <3 I only sponsor the best of the best. For real though, well done on PVK and thanks for all the time you spent on JB @nocheat - Goat @RockRoyce - RockRose amirite (I know it's a dead meme). Thanks a ton for your help royce, you were a load of fun to have as an admin @Mould - Thanks for splitting your time between RPG and JB, I know it's been hard with the trade hold, but best of luck with RPG my friend. @AceOfSpades - You stuck with jailbreak for absolutely ages. I understand you're drifting away from GFL, but I wish you good luck in whatever you do buddy :). Now for all the other great people and friends I've met that have come and gone during my time here in GFL @Darkling - You were an awesome admin back in the day, and an even awesome(er) Director. Thanks for everything you do @PParrot - nice bhops @Worgee - Thanks for being an awesome friend and admin on JB. Can't wait to work with you more on PR team @JGuary551 - Thanks for sticking with the server in it's dying days. You were always fun to play with @ChefA - Basically this ^. Thanks a ton for your dedication. It means a lot. Also congrats to both of you on admin! @BAMboozled - ^ @Lean - Your memes are bad (also I'll be unmuting/gagging you as soon as I finish writing this post. I hope you have fun on TTT and get muted there as well <3) @Misaki - Playing RPG EU with you back in the day was really great. @Toni Bamanaboni - ^ This. Also, you're massive @Anamo - L O C K D O W N @johaw - bean baby @PaulaDeen - crack head @Kayzute - it was fun being an admin on TTT with you @Shortstackmcgee - ^ @Bonk - You were a great DL while it lasted and the best TTT manager @SwegBuster - Bonk was cooler than you but you're still kinda cool @Syntax - ur gay but it was fun being an admin with you on TTT @RickGrimesTM - y00 cWrP is lITTTT fam @Xy - you're gay @denros - I know you can't see this but thanks for all you did for jb @iPro - Give me a dlore yes? @Quint - Movie man I miss your reviews. purge was great with you @flyingjoe32 - flyingjoe more like flyinghoe. I miss playing purge with you dad. @DoctorDJ - Best purge admin NA @Crusty - GL on that arma shit @Vidmar - JB was fun playing with you <3 @Violator - yes @LLJ - Thanks for you time playing JB @Pyros - Worst jedi NA @rapperdan - How could I forget the man the myth the legend rapperdan the lord of all memes @Glenn_ - Jedi buddy @Clufy - Toxic @Dex - ^ @You should kill yourself i - ^ @Faex - I remember playing purge with you. That was awesome haha :D @Skits - The purge bases we made were insane lmao. Can't wait to keep playing games with you bud @Stud - 2nd best purge admin, your voice is sexy btw @Kite9867 - @harry - capital letters are gay @TheClassyBandit - pay2win in mineraft. also does some art stuff @mario_the_man - You didn't play skyblock long but it was fun lol @Maxis - 501st OG @Duc2000 - You're pretty cool @syrus - pineapple man @thorgot - nice map @Aireesan - I'm pretty sure we played purge together, and I'm pretty sure I liked you (you also could be a random guy lmao) @PsychoTeddy - JB was fun with you mate @RevoltCtrl - you were so close to admin it hurts. I miss you! @GR1FF1N - Did you see that player report btw @Winter - ur gay @BLAZE - I guess jailbreak was just deemed to die in both divisions @canman1151 - ur gay @Dreamm - Third best purge admin @MilkMan - TTT is gay @xSnowyAngel - GL with ZE and thanks for the help you gave me in my attempted revamp @JerryBomb - We had some pretty fun chats and I enjoyed playing with you every now and then on jb @flamingo - this is so sad alexa play despacito @John Jeez Man - best cwrp senior admin @Shuruia - The english language god @DemonWithAShotgun - you put me in a picture once I wont forget that @Rcool64 - best CA @Nick - ur gay also :ok_hand: Gucci Gangers :ok_hand: @Heaven - ^ @MASTAH - the amount of times I've watched those random videos you put in chatbox is insane. I'm nearly always entertained lol @AtomicHeadphones - you're trash at fortnite @dubstep_kicks - 3rd best TTT manager @Charmayy - good luck on twitch your streams are fire @Dano - it's always fun talking to you in teamspeak @Finnick - I never really knew you but your art is awesome. Good luck :D @Joshy - I always enjoy reading your 9 mile comments on threads. (I also love seeing your pictures in member directory, the places you've been!) @Liloz01 - Who's Oscar @CCookie - The best rebeller known to man @Devil - when you gamble a dlore and lose ;( @Mamoru - ur kinda gay @PurpleExod - holy fuck almost forgot you mate. Thanks for being a Trial admin forever @Dogger - @-Apollo- - Best CWRP Gamemaster and OG JB admin. I miss you @Jesus - how could I forget you buddy, your oil setups were insane lol. @PB-n-J - no idea how if forgot you sexy man There are definitely people I forgot, I'll make sure to add anyone I remember as people comment Special thanks to everyone in GFL for making the community what it is today. -Wailord out
  5. So, well to no surprise im finally leaving GFL for good... I've been here for awhile, even tho most dont know. I cant explain with words what GFl have done for me in my life, both online and in the real life. GFL Gave me friends and a lot of people that i came to care about. I've had a lot of good moments with many on here that i wont forget or regret. I've talked to a lot of people, some remember me, others dont. Like everyone else who leave, i have some people whom i care much about. so im going to tag them. (sorry if i forget any) @Nap14hockey - Well, old friend, you were the first person to talk to me (that i remember) Love you for helping me back then. @Dano - My german friend, always greeding me with a sweet tone of "Mamoooru" still makes me happy to think about. @Anamo - "what kind of weeb is this?" @nocheat - Lets be real for once, you have fucked a goat @Worgee - Not saying bye to you, Just making sure you remember me when i suddenly knocks on your door @RickGrimesTM - "quak" @Moose - should be named "never won a 1v1" xD gonna miss you. @PaulaDeen - My true lover <3 @King_Wailord - More gay than me, king_gaylord. @Alucardfairy - Not gonna lose our streak... dont worry. @Toni Bamanaboni - Dont be tocix <3 luv u @TomRiddle - still dont know your real name... but for me youll be tom either way <3 gonna miss you. @Darkling - thanks for being so sweet and caring, and for helping me sometimes <3 @Misaki - Think im gonna miss you the most, or something. We've had some deep conversations and laughed a lot together. Love you all, you've all helped me in some way or another. I've had my difficulties in life and you've have really helped me back up when i've fallen... Thanks....
  6. Alright, here it is. I've been sitting on this resignation a while now, and i have decided to finally go through with it. As a college student that is approaching finals it's getting more and more difficult for me to sit down and enjoy g-mod like I used too. Summer is approaching and I'm planning on taking summer classes and having multiple jobs. I'm very very upset with leaving purge, because I meant some amazing people through it. I loved admining and helping out others, but since purge is now suffering a non-population crisis it's not the same as when I first joined. I remember back when I first starting getting involved with purge, about 3-4 years ago, it was cancer and i loved every bit of it. I might eventually come back and if the server ever needs help just send me a message and i'll do what i can. The people i've met and the stupid stuff we did will go down in potato history! @SkyTailor A good ass friend I made! @DoctorDJ Thanks for sponsoring this lowly Potato. Senior Admin Dad @Dreamm Y u no come back yet! Senior Admin Mom @CLITPUNCHER An OG potato son and a good friend @flyingjoe32 Thanks for accepting my application. You were a great manager! @Unknown I hope you continue to make awesome hobo inventions! @Lee & @Shark (wtf is yo tag): Thanks for including me in ur group of :REE: @SteveTheFriendlyHobo & @ButterKing5000 Two good bois @Zebra & @Stud Also two good bois @Nap14hockey boi It's hard to fricking write mentions. My potato memory can only hold so much! I know I've missed people and I might (or might not) make edits and changes later. Thanks for putting up with me all this time! I wish luck to everyone. P.S. I get lonely, so don't be afraid to invite me to play games!
  7. I first off want to state that gfl is in no way a bad server my problem is however that the amount of children that come through the server and the lack of a staff members being around there aren't enough of em but I mainly played on the hide and seek server so it might be why but theres another turnoff as well the repitition all anyone wants to play on is the museum map and the likes and theres really nothing new or exciting and in fact some maps are quite painful to sit through five rounds of my point is im probably not going to come back on gfl in a long time if not forever its not bad its just not for me I love you guys and I hope you prosper this is Destroyah signing out~!
  8. Well I haven't been on Teamspeak much lately. I will like to say bye to you guys. I will still be on steam playing games and talking. Feel free to hit me up on steam to chat <3 Even if I'm with another community you guys were still my home. But it kinda doesn't feel like home anymore since everyone is drifting away and stuff like this. Anyways people i love and miss talking to. @Burts- we kinda drifted a bit, but i still love u and i wish i was your type</3 but your a great friend and i love u for that @[email protected]@[email protected]@SashaGrey- meet you guys on teamspeak was worth it, You guys are awesome, and i'll miss you. I just wish me being with friends with certain people don't affect our friendship. @Zebra- i love rolling in the dirt with you in arma 3 XD so much fun i ever had and with @Kazllab @Dano- love meeting you and you bully D:< gosh, you double teamed me with @Deya not cool brah i cri ;c To all TTT Admins, it was nice being part of the team, and meeting you all. I've meet so many cool people. All one of a kind, And it was the best. Good luck and keep up the good work. @Violator- I wish you will see how good of an admin, I was and not cause of the friends and community I was in. Also for those who i didn't mention I'm sorry, this was kinda rushed and stuff. -cant think clearly now- Edit * - If things play out okay, ill probably be back. for not its a break.
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