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After months and months of close monitoring and investigation of the one known as "Scoobers" I have collected enough evidence to confirm that..



Now, you may be kind of confused at such a bold and dangerous claim, however, I have complete evidence of such a thing by using my own HACKER skills to infiltrate his computer, steal images of his works, and hack into his camera.


He also stole my laptop, and I have evidence of him trying to break into my device and steal all my precious non-existent bank accounts and money.


To begin, this is the starting point of Scoobers' legacy of hacking. It only took a few google searches..

HOW TO DIE.JPGhacerking 2,0.JPGfod.JPG


It was by this point that Scoobers knew..


..that he was going to be in control now.

in his early daays.JPGScoobers learning the nefarious hacker ways.


Now, the evidence provided would not be enough to prove his hackering abilities and his works. But this next section.. sure will.


This is a picture of me, cool as always, investigating the hacking of devices by Scoobs, by hacking. I am using the greatest disguise ever to hide my huge ass ears and fur; however, this makeup took decades to perfect, so this better be worth it. 



Scoobers stealing my laptop, the first step to his global world domination of the entire universe on the planet.



tim 2 hak.JPG

Him after he got my laptop and went a safe distance.. he's so skilled that he's hacking with a single hand, while looking the complete opposite direction.


scoobs stealing my laptop and trying his hacking again.JPG

Scoobers soon realized that my nine proxies were too much to get through, and the firewall was too tough. So, instead of using power, he cracked into my device by brute force.


halloween scoobs dressing as vin diesel fuel.JPG

He got taught these actions by the grand master hacker Z1gahackerlord, the most nefarious hacker in the known and unknown possibly possible universal world.

lol I cant see with this ski mask.JPG

This was the earliest image of Scoobers hacking I could find. This was before he took my laptop, but this was him infiltrating Wow, Soup, Saint and Ronny's computers, all in one day. It is told he could barely see out of the stupid ass ski mask he was wearing.



One day, I got my friend to work with me on a huge cracking of Scoober's own laptop, and here as pictured, I got my accomplice Herbert to help. What we found was just a day ago.. it is shocking material.



After hours of work, Herbert sent me this picture of him, just now getting into Scoobers' laptop. It was finally done, and we decided to take a look through his webcam to see what was going on..


help my brithday.JPG

It was actually Scoobers' birthday that day! He was trying to make a transaction to donate for the GFL servers, to pose as a good guy on their behalf. As he was inserting the money, me and Herbert quickly jumped through our computers, pointing guns, knives, machetes, leaded gloves, batons, cannons, and just about any weapon you could think at him. 


after he realized I was taking puctires.JPG

Scoobers gave up his dirty deeds, instantaneously giving up to our brute force. We have him under Citizens Arrest, and we will keep it that way forever. For now, he is just in the basement, being forced to administrate the GFL Zombie Survival servers. This should be enough evidence to land him in trouble for years to come..

So, this has been my representation of all the evidence I have collected over the months. I hope considerate action will be taken against Scoobers and his nefarious deeds.


Thanks for reading!







Professional Factory Builder, survivor, captain, and all of the other things.

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1 minute ago, Severely_Festive said:

When you expect proof of someone actually being a hacker but the first thing you see is a wikiHow page for evidence 



B-But it is proof! IT IS PROOF! 



Professional Factory Builder, survivor, captain, and all of the other things.

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14 minutes ago, Kurama said:


Be cautious with that, Kurmama! He may hack into your mind and know that you now know! Don't worry though, I can send you some tinfoil ASAP if you'd like.


Professional Factory Builder, survivor, captain, and all of the other things.

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20 minutes ago, Bigtime388 said:

Why do I even look at the forums anymore? This shit here is some cringe.


everything is beginning to become a major cringe ball

Adonie Had To Do It To Em by InvalidQuestionBeanie Pup Finnick YCH by InvalidQuestion

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