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[CS:GO ZE] Appeal Guide

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Appeal Guide

If you want to appeal a punishment that lasts longer than a day (1440 min), please read this post.


If there was a punishment placed on you and you believe that it should be lifted please include the following informations in a Private Message (preferred method) 


in a forum post that is posted HERE IN THE ZE SECTION OF THE FORUMS for the ZE admins to see



If you're making a PM, please include the following people:

@xSnowyAngel (Server Manager)


the ZE admin(s) involved in the punishment

No one else should be invited into the private message!!


  1. Steam Name
  2. Your Steam ID (STEAM 0:0XXXXXX number of digits will vary) [How to find your ID]
  3. Admin who gave out the punishment
  4. Reason for punishment
  5. Why the punishment should be lifted



To check your bans/communication bans visit the GFLCLAN.COM SourceBans 




If you have any questions, please ask any CSGO ZE Admin or Server Manager

Best wishes on your appeal


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